Wearing special undergarments with a wedding dress is a vital task for a plus-size bride as it determines how confidently you can enjoy the big day. You may have plenty of supportive bras or a pair of underwear in your collection, but the best shapewear for plus size brides is the special option that can offer you a slim and confident outfit.

However, finding plus-size wedding shapewear can be tiresome if you don’t do the basic homework.

It is subject to some considerations, including style, design, fabric type, and ability to support. More importantly, it should match with your wedding dress and remain invisible while feeling comfortable all day.

Luckily, we made a list of some best shapewear for plus size brides that are compatible with most wedding dresses, made of breathable material, and flatters the natural shape to ensure confident movement.


1. COHTB Women’s Tummy Control Body Shaper-best shapewear for plus-size women

COHTB Women's Tummy Control Body Shaper-best shapewear for plus-size womenCheck Price On Amazon

With its breathable and seamless design, we found this COHTB Women’s Tummy Control Body Shaper is the overall best shapewear for plus-size women. Straight out of the box you will have a machine washable and lifter shapewear.

Made with nylon and spandex material, these wedding body shapers are breathable and allow you to wear it without releasing any moisture. While the fabric offers sweat-free comfort, its open chest design lets you wear your favorite push-up bra under the wedding dress to ensure the most attractive look.

Through this tummy control, shapewear hides belly fat to boost the confidence of a plus-size bride, but it may cut into the big thigh and show an imprinted line.

Highlight features

  • Design with a nonslip strip that will keep the shapewear from rolling and ensure a slim effect all day long.
  • Its high-waisted design offers more coverage for the large tummy and won’t let show any muffin top.
  • It includes double stitching and a cotton crotch to lift the butts and tighten the bottom comfortably.


This shapewear is available at an affordable price while offering all-over support without rolling up and down. Besides, it comes with an open crotch design to use the bathroom conveniently.


The size chart is misleading and not suitable for a woman with big thighs.

2.Maidenform Women’s Ultimate Slimmer- best for shape the back

Maidenform Women's Ultimate Slimmer- best for shape the backCheck Price On Amazon

This Maidenform Women’s Ultimate Slimmer Wear will eliminate back bulges while improving tummy and posture to enhance your appearance under the wedding dress.

So a plus-size bride who wants to shape the back, tummy, and waist to have a slim tool in a wedding dress can try this shapewear.

Made of cotton and nylon material, this plus-size shapewear for wedding dresses feels comfortable all day long.

Design with an adjustable strap, this shapewear will ensure full rear coverable to hide bulges and love handles. But it has a poor quality hook and on the button that is a bit harder to open and close.

Highlight features

  • Allow wearing a bra to customize fit and enhance confidence.
  • Made of smooth and stretchy fabric that hugs the body suitable and remains invisible under the wedding dress.
  • Design with an adjustable strap to fit properly and maximize comfort.


Available in two colors, this wedding shapewear is easy to wear and put off. Besides, it is breathable and stretchy and suitable to wear under a wedding dress, and available at a decent price.


It doesn’t allow you to wash in the machine and its strap may dig a bit.

3.SPANX Women’s Low-Back Bodysuit -best for backless wedding dress

SPANX Women's Low-Back Bodysuit -best for backless wedding dressCheck Price On Amazon

If you have a healthy budget and want to consider something that offers you a sleek look while remaining invisible even under most plunging necklines, look no further than this SPANX Women’s Low-Back Bodysuit.

In particular, this one-piece bodysuit comes with a bigger size cup which makes it suitable for plus-size brides to have a nice smooth look.

Comes with a frontless and backless design, this wedding shapewear will perfectly suit with a backless wedding dress to offer the most charming and sexy look on the big day. However, some users feel it won’t be suitable for a woman with a larger chest.

Highlight features

  • Made of elastane and nylon material, this wedding shapewear will feel breathable and comfortable for an extended time.
  • Suitable to wear with most plunging necklines. This shapewear will remain invisible.
  • Design with an adjustable strap, this shapewear will ensure a perfect fit.


This backless bodysuit is suitable to wear with plunging necklines and is easier to use and put off. Besides, this plus size wedding shapewear is made of quality material to offer long-lasting service.


It’s a bit expensive shapewear and not suitable for a large chest.

4.Wolford Women’s Tulle Forming Dress – best shapewear for plus-size brides

Wolford Women's Tulle Forming Dress - best shapewear for plus-size bridesCheck Price On Amazon

This Wolford Women’s Tulle Forming Dress is another best shapewear for plus-size brides on the market. Made of nylon material, this full-body shaper is light and comfortable while remaining completely invisible under the wedding dress.

Wearing this stretchy fabric, the new brides will have a more flattering silhouette that will boost the confidence to wear the most daring curve-hugging outfits. Though its pricy shapewear, this item will offer will be worthy of investment due to its optimum support.

Highlight features

  • Made of stretchy fabric, this best shapewear for wedding dress plus size has feminine contours from the stomach to the thigh.
  • Its open décolleté leaves room for enjoying your favorite bra.
  • Design with a wide strap for lateral support


Made of nylon material, its light shapewear will remain practically invisible under the wedding dress. Besides, this stretchy fabric feels comfortable while a thin silicone band offers optimal support.


It’s pricy shapewear.

5.Leonisa Tummy Control Shaper Short for Plus Size Women – best for reasonable price

Leonisa Tummy Control Shaper Short for Plus Size Women - best for reasonable priceCheck Price On Amazon

If you feel the previous one is out of budget looking for a seamless and easy-to-wear undergarment for a wedding dress at a reasonable price, consider this Leonisa Tummy Control Shaper.

Made of polyamide and elastane material, this shapewear is super comfy to wear while offering good coverage.

Moreover, controlling your torso and thighs, this wedding shapewear will ensure an all-over slim look to enjoy confidently the wedding party.

Design with SkinFuse a seamless technology, wearing this shapewear a plus-size woman will have an invisible effect under clothing. However, there is a complaint it rolled up suddenly.

Highlight features

  • Design with a wide underbust band with anti-slip elastic to allow you to wear strapless and customize the fit
  • Coming in an open bust design, this bridal shapewear plus size is easy to wear with a favorite bra.
  • Includes Anti-slip grip lining along the top to offer strapless support.


This shapewear is available at a reasonable price while it is customizable and remains unseen under the wedding dress. Besides, it is easy to wear and greatly smooth out the waist and thighs.


Some roll down and are not ideal for surgical recovery.

6.SPANX Women’s Strapless Cupped Mid-Thigh Bodysuit – best for strapless

SPANX Women's Strapless Cupped Mid-Thigh Bodysuit - best for straplessCheck Price On Amazon

Next on our list is SPANX Women’s Strapless Cupped Mid-Thigh Bodysuit which comes in a strapless cup design. This intention will offer a plus-size woman a sleek shape with a built-in bra.

Moreover, its lightweight and strapless style will keep the bodysuit in place without putting pressure on the shoulder. Made of elastane and nylon material, this plus-size bodysuit won’t cause any breathing problems even after wearing it for a long time.

However, there is a complaint against its size chart, so it is recommended to measure the size while receiving.

Highlight features

  • With ultimate strapless, this shapewear will keep the shoulder and back from pain.
  • It’s a lightweight and sleek bodysuit that includes a built-in bra to enhance the look.
  • Made of quality material, the wedding shapewear is easy to wear and put off.


Available at an affordable price, this shapewear will be a great item to wear with a backless wedding dress for plus-size women. Besides, it is comfortable and reshapes the body to enhance confidence.


The size chart is misleading.

7.Yummie Women’s Hidden Curve Firm Control Shapewear – Best for Hidden Curve Firm Control Shapewear

Yummie Women's Hidden Curve Firm Control Shapewear - Best for Hidden Curve Firm Control ShapewearCheck Price On Amazon

The last recommendation for the best shapewear for plus-size brides in our list is Yummie Women’s Hidden Curve Firm Control Shapewear. If you are worried about freedom of movement at a wedding party, you can wear this wedding shapewear.

This shapewear is made of non-slip rubber bind which will prevent the shapewear from rolling down and allow you to enjoy the wedding confidently. Moreover, this shapewear is easy to use and maintain while allowing you to wash it in hand.

Highlight features

  • Made of spandex and nylon fabric, this shapewear is breathable and comfortable to wear.
  • This wedding shapewear is designed with a double-layered panel at the waist to offer extra support to control the waist.
  • This slimming skirt slip will remain invisible while enhancing the curves.


It comes in two colors and plenty of sizes. This shapewear will greatly reshape the waist and allow you to enjoy the wedding confidently. Besides, it is easy to wear and maintain and available at an affordable cost.


It may feel a bit tight on the thigh.

What to Look for in Wedding Dress Shapewear

The style of the grown determines what to look at in a wedding dress shapewear. After searching for hours, you may want something that goes perfectly with your gown.

Moreover, keep the outfit’s neckline and overall silhouette in mind while choosing the best shapewear for plus-size brides.

You can choose slips and bodysuits for form-fitting as these won’t show any visible lines and creases. On the other hand, minimal shapewear is suitable with more loosely fitted clothes.

Comfort is another key consideration while choosing wedding shapewear. Since you will have to wear the undergarment all day long, don’t choose uncomfortable shapewear and keep away from the annoying wedding experience.

It would be a smart idea to test the shapewear before the big day. The breathability of the shapewear and if it is rolled up or down or not. Luckily, we have reviewed some comfortable and quality shapewear for plus-size brides.

Is it necessary to wear shapewear under the wedding dress?

It’s not compulsory. Wearing wedding dress undergarments helps you feel comfortable. While some brides feel confident with a set of underwear or sexy bridal lingerie, others want to have the support and structure that shapewear offers.

So it depends on your personal satisfaction. But you shouldn’t wear a bodysuit, shaping slip, or shorts to prepare for the wedding. If you feel confident in shapewear, then go for it.

How to make a perfect fit of shapewear

Wearing comfortable fit shapewear is crucial for both having the best result and avoiding discomfort and health problems.

So, rather than depending on dress size, take your exact measurement and get aid from an expert. If you want to enjoy an overall slimming effect, measure all the whole points of your bust and hips and the thinnest part of the waist.

But if you are in-between sizes, choose larger size shapewear. The following signs ensure proper fit of shapewear:

  • It will hug the body tightly but won’t limit the movement and cause breathing problems.
  • You will be able to get in easily and adjust suitably.
  • You won’t find any hanging or excess fabric.

The way you wear shapewear is also essential. Choosing shapewear that easily rolls or rides down is among the common shapewear mistakes. Besides, some also choose shapewear that has clear seams. While most of the wedding shapewear is white, ivory and includes a shade of white, you won’t want to show those shapes under the dress.

Some benefits of wearing shapewear

Improves posture 

Shapewear applies some pressure and encourages them to stay upright. Besides, it greatly reduces lower back pain, making the shapewear ideal for people who sit at a desk for a long time.

Self-Esteem and Confidence

A general rule of thumb is to look good to boost confidence. Wearing shapewear not only offers a better physical appearance but also enhances confidence and attitude. Thus, the wearer has a great chance to enjoy outdoor parties and activities without feeling nervous.

Aids in weight loss

It’s a key advantage of wearing shapewear as it promotes weight loss. Usually, shapewear is made from silicone or lycra material that is breathable and soft.

More importantly, some shapewear enhances the temperature of the affected area and causes sweating more, which leads to weight loss quickly. Using shapewear regularly helps disappear extra fat in the tummy over time.

It lets you fit into your old clothes

Reducing weight and reshaping the body, shapewear allows wearing the most favorite dress that you used to wear once a time. Bringing such an advantage, shapewear encourages people to enjoy life.

Post Pregnancy benefits

Shapewear is an effective tool among new moms as it helps reshape their bodies quickly and allows them to enjoy an hourglass figure once again. Usually, shapewear feels comfortable in the surgery area and returns the tummy to its original position to offer a natural hourglass look.


What is the best style of wedding dress for a large stomach?

Following the right style can hide your large stomach in a wedding dress. Firstly, don’t wear an overall tight-fit wedding dress or anything like mermaid gowns. Wear a dress that fits tight around your bust line throughout the belly.

What to wear under a wedding dress to look thinner?

You can wear convertible bodysuits and bras under strapless ball gowns as they offer great support to look thinner. Moreover, seamless briefs and thongs perform great with body-skimming slips and form-fitting gowns to help offer thinner appearances.

What kind of dress makes you look slimmer?

A dress that is an empire, fit and flare, and raised waist is body-friendly and makes you look slimmer. Moreover, you can wear one-piece dresses over curves and balance body parts to look even.

Final words

While a patchy foundation can ruin the statement eye or bold lip, the wrong shapewear can also damage the look of an outfit and destroy the big day.

That’s why we have reviewed some of the best shapewear for plus-size brides that are ready to enhance beautiful curves and offer a plus-size bride a beautiful outfit.

Considering a plus-size woman with a different body shape, we collect a variety of designed wedding shapewear so everyone can enjoy the undergarment with their desired style and wedding dress.

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