This stays always on the top of every mom’s brains – how much weight do you lose after giving birth & how fast?? While this weight losing entirely dependent on each person’s condition, now I wish to share a weight loss journey with you as a reference. Keep in mind; this is weight loss without diet or exerciseThis is the loosing in the first 2 weeks that you change to your new world just focusing on your baby & recovery!


What I did

Light walking (once you have a child so you would get out of the house pretty regularly, with light walks to the playground, grocery store, and other places).

Ate “fit” – like a breastfeeding mommy, you have to ensure that you continued to eat can continue to indulge in sweets and not at all counting my calories. Besides, you can simply get wine and bubbly into your diet, because after 9 months it’s about time!

Get prenatal vitamin – I believe this is greatly important. So you can take prenatal every day after the birth of Mason, and create it continue for the first 6 months. The vitamins will make sure your baby continues to get the right nutrition and that your body has all the good vitamins & nutrients it needs. You may feel your hunger is quietly off as your hormones adjust back to usual, so it’s vital to make sure you are at least getting an everyday multivitamin.

What I didn’t do

Count calories – I find that for breastfeeding moms, you desire to continue a diet of 1800-2200 calories. But this may risk your milk supply being too low. In my opinion, 1800-2200 is a standard diet, thus I didn’t count calories or try to be too limited! Also, breastfeeding makes you too hungry! I believe the key is to be aware of your largely eating and ensure you aren’t eating too much, considering that breastfeeding will burn it all off.

Work out – of course, you shouldn’t do any official workouts. You can do easy things around the house, and get a light walk around the neighborhood. Then, you shouldn’t break a sweat. You shouldn’t try to maintain a moderate activity level (which is easy with a child), but there was not a fitness plan you shouldn’t follow those first 6 weeks.

Stress – this is so simple to find work up & nervous about your post-baby body. So you can read all the superstar tabloids about bouncing back, and get upset when you look in the mirror and yet look 6 months pregnant. Remember that your uterus will take a fine 6-8 weeks to get smaller backdown and out of the way. It’s still longer with your second.

How much weight do you truly lose that 1st week?

how much weight do you lose after giving birth

Hence you can read about how much weight – you’ve found the weight of your small one (mine was 7lbs 2oz), the placenta, regular water weight & blood loss…which you’d believe ads up! At our hospital, there was a scale in the hallway. So I was honestly optimistic that I would have lost a firm 10-12lbs right away. I was so wrong!! With the IV fluids and mainly water retention, I only lost about 5lbs that first day. And keep in mind -the baby was 7lbs 2oz! Talk about defeating!

I extremely recommend WAITING to weigh yourself until you’re 1 week postpartum. Provide yourself that week and you’ll be enjoyably surprised once your hormones still out and the water weight begins to subside. Regardless of what the scale says, you’ll still seem six months pregnant for a while. So there’s truly no benefit in weighing yourself too early.

On day three, after being discharged on day 2, I weighed myself to find a good starting gauge. For the next 2 days, I lost 3lbs A DAY, plus 2lbs on day 3! Without doing anything! I lost 8lbs in possibly the easiest way possible.

Besides, by the end of week 1, I was down 19lbs! I gained 33 lbs during my pregnancy, thus by the end of week 1, I was previously 2/3 of the way to my pre-baby weight! On Mason’s two week birthday (since that’s a thing…), I was down 24.2 lbs and below 10lbs from my pre-baby weight. Again, this is with a justly moderate/low activity level and “usual” eating habits including some chocolate, champagne, and tons of carbs.

Remember that everyone’s weight loss journey will be different. Relying on what your starting point is, how your birth went, and your heritable makeup, you may see faster or slower effects.

Ultimately, what I consider is the most reassuring is how easy the majority of the weight loss is thus trying not to stress out about it. With all the reading I’ve done unless you gained noticeably outside the recommended healthy amount. There are possibly only 5-10lbs of added fat.

The first 2 weeks postpartum will likely find you down to that starting point. Small attempts coupled with breastfeeding will aid you to shed those last few pounds!

Ugh! Putting these photos in here is not fun. I seem at these pictures and can’t help but think, WOW – what did my body endure???? I’m excited to share updates every four weeks (next will be at my 6-week mark – with yet no real exercising!).

6 Week Postpartum Plan

how much weight do you lose after giving birth 1

I occur to be at 2 weddings this summer, hence with showers, bachelorette parties & weddings, I am trying to not only find to my pre-baby weight but perfectly lower! Your doctor & nurses will advise that you lay low those first 6 weeks – and I concur! Your goal for the first 6 weeks must be recovery. So How Much Weight Do You Lose After Giving Birth happened. The weight loss will come (as I supposed, I lost 2/3 of the weight the first week!). Rider you breastfeed, I’m telling you that you’ll be amazed how fast the weight falls off.

Fortunately, I had Mason in April, which is ideal weather for getting out at least once a day for a fast walk. When I say fast – we’re talking 20 minutes. I’m not breaking any records at this time. But we are getting out & being active.

I also like using what’s around the house. I have a 10-15lb weight lifting limit (although my toddler weighs 30lbs so…). Thus I plan to stick to my 2lb arm weights for a few light arm lifting. I’ll warn you all that you want to be careful since sore arms coupled with breastfeeding is a ruin. I would try to keep it light & simple.

The biggest & “easiest” exercise each woman should do is pelvic floor exercises (Kegels). I was surprised at how firm these were for me 1 week postpartum. Not confident how to do it? Sit upright and squeeze/lift the muscles as you’re trying to prevent your pee mid-stream. Then hold for 5 seconds, working up to 10-second holds. Do again 10 times.

After the Doctor Clears Me

My 6-week checkup happens correctly before Memorial Day, which is the official beginning of the bathing suit season. Who else is eager that high-waisted swimsuits are in fashion?!?!

I have always been concerned about Kayla Itsines’ BBG plan and was greatly excited to see Kelsey Wells partner with a post-pregnancy workout preparation.

The post-pregnancy preparation is 12 weeks, and after that, I plan to find the BBG plan!

After not working out for a hard 7+ months, I am so prepared to get back into it. Particularly since the weather is turning and there is so many fun, summer activities coming up!

Additional Considerations

Breastfeeding can burn to 500 calories per day, thus ditching the formula may suggest speedier weight loss. Along with the La Leche League global article, “how much weight loss after birth While Breastfeeding.”  Breastfeeding mothers who eat when starving may lose between 1 and 1 1/2 pounds for each month during the first 4 to 6 months after delivery.

Eating a different diet with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains, with getting back into an exercise routine, may also aid you to get back to your pre-baby weight sooner. Along with The Mayo Clinic article, “Weight Loss After Pregnancy: Reclaiming Your Body.”

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