Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Daily activities set a strain on the heart and cardiovascular system. The nature of this strain infrequently has any physical signs that one can see. For elite athletes and fitness enthusiasts, this strain comes like a result of exertive training.

Either the case, one has to agree that a little help is required in actively detecting and managing one’s heart rate. Best Heart Rate Monitor Watch detecting and managing one’s heart rate.

If your heart can’t manage the strain or doesn’t obtain enough blood flow, any steps made in improving your performance and common fitness may prove counter-intuitive. Heart rate monitor watches remain track of your heart rate and present this data in beautiful graphical statistics.

To top it off, they also give personalized tips and workout modes that focus on getting your body and heart into shape. Here are a few of the best heart rate monitor watches the market has to suggest.


1. Letsfit Fitness Tracker

Letsfit Fitness Tracker

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The Letsfit Fitness Tracker is frankly accurate, durable, and comes at an unbelievably low price. It is easy and sleek, with five customizable presets, giving you a comfy fit and many style options. Letsfit heart rate monitor watches capably execute functions like monitoring your heart rate, calories burnt, and sleep quality, throughout all the activities you participate in daily.
It also paths the number of steps you take, whether walking, jogging, or running, and has an alarm and prompt features. Another cool aspect of this heart rate monitor watch is that it lets you to receive notifications from a paired smartphone; these contain SMS, emails, social media updates, and others. You can also improve your user experience with a dedicated app obtainable on Google play to get unique features that are not available on alike heart rate monitor watches.

The Letsfit has an easy cordless charging system for optimal expediency and a sedentary prompt for those lazy days. Setting up the tracker is intuitive; install the app in a fast step-by-step process then proceed to make customizations to notifications. Next, you can enjoy using your wrist heart monitor watch balancing with a user-friendly app on your smart device.
The Letsfit Fitness Tracker performs all its functions with least issues and a low margin of mistake just like you’d expect from a higher-end product. It’s comfy and doesn’t interfere with the shirt or jacket cuffs.

  • Sedentary Reminder
  • Companion App
  • Super tough
  • Smartphone Connectivity
  • Sleep Quality Tracker
  • Requires Charging Every 76h

2. Fitbit Charge

Fitbit Charge

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The Fitbit Charge is a niche-defining product; it combines act and value to stand like a benchmark for measuring other heart rate monitor watches. The Fitbit Charge bares all the standard quality, from heart rate monitor to step counter. Though, what sets it apart is its optimal effectiveness. Weighing in at only 7.8 ounces, it has a small form design and with an overall relieves fit; this device optimizes every aspect of your life.

The Fitbit Charge 2 has brilliant water resistance; in fact, you can strap it on for a swim and remain track of all your vitals. There is also a personalized breathing session quality that notifies a user on breathing frequency virtual to their current activity. Its intuitive dashboard lets you keep track of all the units simultaneously without pressing buttons or swiping throughout submenus.
Other amazing features contain 15 built-in exercise modes, a female cycle tracker, an automatic record of sleep class cycle and patterns, and a “quick reply” function that’s useful for incoming messages. It also keeps up with your heart rate in each step you take, and calories burned, all in real-time. What’s more, it has alarms and notifications to attentive you when you are slacking off on fitness goals.

The friend app for this heart rate watch is free to download on smartphones with Android 4.0, iOS 7.0, and above. The set up is easy, and it uses Bluetooth for connectivity. The monitoring ability of this device is stable and accurate. It has an OLED screen that is clearly still in low light. It requires 2 hours for a full charge and can serve you for 7 hours on a single charge.

  • OLED screen
  • Small-Form and fashionable
  • Zero Error Margin
  • Good for Swimming
  • Measures Breathing Frequency
  • None

3. Garmin Vivosmart 4

Garmin Vivosmart 4

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The Vivosmart 4 from Garmin makes it simple to monitor your heart rate and other vitals that add to your fitness. Though basic, it has come to the market with rave reviews and optimistic customer feedback. The Vivosmart 4 is exact, presents data in simple graphs, and, like most other heart rate monitor watches, is friendly with an assortment of smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

It uses your heart rate to load in the gaps in activity cycles without activating the pedometer; this, in turn, provides you the most precise image of your health and fitness. The Garmin Vivosmart 4 has a sleek, understated design, just weighs 1 ounce, and comes in six colors from which you can decide. It has an LCD screen that shows your heart rate, steps taken, coldness covered, and calories burned all powered by two Lithium-Ion batteries.

The Vivosmart 4 tracks and displays your usual activity and inactivity and combines the data to allocate tasks personalized to a daily routine. It is water-resistant to a depth of 164ft. so, you can swim, run in the rain, or take a shower as wearing it. It comes with an app that’s compatible with any device featuring Bluetooth 4.0. Therefore, you won’t need a third-party app.

Every buy of the Vivosmart 4 includes a USB stick. This USB stick syncs with Android, Mac and Windows platforms at the click of a button to create the fitness data available on the cloud. With this connectivity, you are free to a membership into Garmin’s online fitness community where you can take part in challenges and stake a maintain to various virtual badges.

  • Long Battery Life
  • Online Garmin Fitness Community
  • Multiple Color selections
  • Water-Resistant
  • Smartphone and PC Connectivity
  • None

4. SkyGrand Fitness Tracker

SkyGrand Fitness Tracker

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The SkyGrand is a holistic fitness tracker that’s GPS allowed, and it comes with a built-in heart rate monitor. It is rich in qualities, affordable and keeping track of your training, sleep cycles, and other very important metrics to give personalized feedback based on the lifestyle you guide. The SkyGrand has advanced sensors which automatically record heart rates at five-minute gaps. Then it displays these readings in a personalized in-app performance report with good-looking graphs.

The SkyGrand’s Advanced Nordic 51835 chip eats less power and has a higher compatibility rate with paired devices. This raises the rate of accuracy for these heart rate monitor watches. It also allows the device to keep better track of your sleep data and proffer a detailed analysis. You can plug this heart rate monitor watch into any USB port for a 1-2 hour charging time that remains it on standby for up to 15 days on an only charge. The screen featured on this model is a 0.96-inch color LCD with four brightness levels and HD picture quality.

The SkyGrand vibrates to alert you of calendar notices, SMS, incoming calls, SNS (Facebook, Instagram, and other social media messages), and other reminders. It also reminds you to move a little after long times of inactivity. Another handy quality is the way it uses GPS tracking. The SkyGrand monitors all sporting activities, from table tennis to surfing and provides you a post-workout breakdown.

To top it all off, the SkyGrand Fitness Tracker arrives with a 100% lifetime guarantee so if you receive a dud you can find your money back. They also offer imposing support for any issues you experience with their heart rate monitor watches.

  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Clear Display
  • Flight Recorder quality
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Four Brightness Levels
  • None

5. YaMAY Fitness Tracker

YaMAY Fitness Tracker

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The YaMAY is a heart rate monitor with a fitness tracker. It is the culmination of years of class testing, clever design, and high-end materials. With every step you take, the YaMAY remains track of distance traveled, calories burned, and action cycles automatically. It is nearly indestructible so you can take it with you all over. This brand of heart rate monitor watches arrives with 14 active sports modes that optimize your workout.

It is waterproof by a factor of IP68, indicating you can dive with it to a depth of 1.5 meters. Its active pedometer remains track of all your sporting activities, which contains cycling, yoga, mountaineering and many more. Different other heart rate monitor watches, YaMAY monitors your blood pressure manually. With a mixture of your heart rate and blood pressure sensors, you obtain detailed and timely data on your physical state. This data allows you to focus on what’s necessary in life, alleviating stress.

This smart heart monitor automatically activates a “Deep Sleep Light” between 9 pm and 8 am to aid you get quality sleep. It also has a silent vibrating alarm that wakes you up lacking alerting others. Any iOS 7.1 or Android 4.4 smartphone can brace with the YaMAY. This compatibility means you can keep updated on your social media notifications, diary, SMS, and calls from the expediency of your wrist.

This heart rate monitor watch has a built-in USB plug that docks to criterion USB ports for hustle-free charging. The YaMAY works for seven days on a single charge. The manufacturer proffers a 30-day full refund on factory faults, a 12-month warranty, and lifetime technical support.

  • 14 Sports Modes
  • IP68 Waterproof Factor
  • Seamless Device Synchronizing
  • Measures Blood Pressure
  • Silent Alarm selection
  • Only with Accompanying App

6. Huawei Band 3 Pro

Huawei Band 3 Pro

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The Huawei Band 3 Pro is an appealing fitness tracker with a thin rectangular 0.95-inch display. Its AMOLED 2.5D display is touch-sensitive and illuminates when you touch the edge to display all your critical. It measures your heart rate, activity, and workout sessions, sleep data, with show your phone notifications. The Pro 3 heart rate monitor watches feature built-in Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS thus you can track your workout data with or without your phone.

The Pro 3 has 50m water resistance and a 6-axis IMU sensor that traces stroke style. The heart monitor watch to has built-in calorie spending tracking capabilities. You can start multiple sports modes for all indoor and outdoor activities to remain you rooted to your workout. This device features the Huawei Trueseen 3.0, a 24/7 heart rate monitor that gives accurate data in real-time, thus you never miss a beat.

Huawei, in conjunction with Harvard medical school, urbanized the “True Sleep 2.0” a function that spots six sleep-related issues and gives helpful solutions. The Pro 3 also doubles like a smartphone camera remote for better selfies and high angle shots. Should you still lose your phone, the Pro 3 can trigger an alarm to assist you locate your phone yet if it is on silent mode. The Huawei heart rate monitor watches can make to 12 days on a single charge and 7 hours with the GPS activated.

  • Clear Display
  • Phone Locator
  • True Sleep 2.0 Technology
  • For Indoor and outside Activities
  • Real-Time Heart Rate Tracker
  • None

7. Mgaolo Fitness Tracker

Mgaolo Fitness Tracker

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The Mgaolo heart rate monitor watches have higher heart rate sensors that automatically monitor and record your pulse 24/7. These sensors assist you keep track of your heart rate in any activity that you take on. The personalized data allows you to plan a healthier, more active lifestyle. This heart rate monitor watch also takes a practical analysis of your sleep and wake time with a silent vibration quality allowing you to stay fresh, both mentally and physically.

The Mgaolo’s pedometer records every step you take, distance covered, and calories burned since you edge closer toward your fitness goals. IP68 waterproof indexing on this device lets you to take a run on an overcast day or yet a swim in open water. All the while, the Mgaolo keeps track of heart rates and other very important data. It is also a handy camera remote to imprison those group selfies and other engaging moments.

Never miss a notification since this tracker pairs well with iOS and Android phones to get and display texts, emails, and other smart notifications right on the display. The Mgaolo heart rate monitor watches charge straight on any USB port. It requires only 1 hour for a full charge that can maintain the heart rate monitor watch for up to six days on one charge. The manufacturer of this brand proffers 24/7 technical hold up, 60-day return policy, and a 12-month warranty.

  • IP68 Waterproof Factor
  • Dustproof
  • 24/7 Active Tracking
  • Remote Camera Control
  • Smartphone Connectivity
  • Confusing User’s Guide

8. Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4

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This list of the best heart rate monitor watches wouldn’t be full without one of the most popular – and with most performance qualities – products of today: the Apple Watch Series 4. This monitor has a large display, an electrical heart sensor, a literal ECG on your wrist, and is hailed like the final workout partner. With the Apple heart rate monitor, you will desire nothing even during the most hardcore exercises.

This heart rate monitor shows notifications for both low and high heart rates, and still irregular rhythm if it occurs. In case of an accident, the watch can notice a fall and has an emergency SOS featured. The Apple Watch notices workouts automatically, anything from yoga to hiking to running. It also has the capability to measure cadence and pace.

In terms of connectivity, there is barely a brand of heart rate monitor watches that can beat Apple. With this sleek watch, you’ll be capable of connect with others who are training at the same time, to connect in competitions, find personalized coaching and unlock new achievements workout after workout. With its modern intent and advanced technologies, the Apple Watch Series 4 will remain you motivated and on track!

  • ECG on the Wrist
  • Large Display
  • Fall Detection and Emergency SOS
  • Automatic Workout Detection
  • Workout Community Access
  • Connectivity Issues
  • Short Battery Life

9. Polar Ignite

Polar Ignite

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The Polar Ignite belongs in the waterproof heart rate monitor watches section. It measures the heart rate based on the wrist and arrives with integrated GPS features. Besides that, it also helps you lead a healthier, more balanced lifestyle, and directs you through your day with as little stress as possible.

The Ignite comes with FitSpark training guides already on suggest for you to dive correct into training. It monitors your heart rate, how many calories you burned, and it also tracks your speed and coldness whether you’re running, walking or even riding. The Nightly Recharge quality lets you know how well you recover from the pressures of the earlier day, and the Sleep plus Stages gives you more insight into the feature of your sleep.

On top of that, there is also a Serene breathing exercise that assists you stay calm in high-stress situations. The loveliness of the Polar Ignite is that it can work with any watch brand that is 20 mm thick. Its sleek, modern look will flawlessly blend in with your outfit, regardless of whether it’s for a workout or for the office. The Polar heart rate monitor watches are absolutely a good deal!

  • Serene Breathing Exercise
  • FitSpark Training Guides
  • Every night Recharge Recovery
  • With Any Watch Strap
  • Syncing Issues
  • Some GPS Inaccuracy

10. Garmin Forerunner 935

Garmin Forerunner 935

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The Garmin Forerunner 935 did not come here to play. This intends belongs to a group of professional heart rate monitor watches which are supposed for running and triathlon-type sports. It is frivolous, measures changes in elevation, monitors performance qualities and offers advanced options for running, cycling and swimming. Besides to all of that, the Forerunner 935 has a ridiculously long battery life.

This design has a relieve fit that won’t rub you the wrong way. It monitors your exercise time and your recovery time and allows you know whether you’re overdoing it, rider you’re underperforming or training at just the right level. The Forerunner 935 can last an utmost of 24 hours in GPS mode and up to 50 in UltraTrac mode. Generally, you should be able to get a straight amount of usage from a single battery charge.

The Garmin Forerunner 935 is one of those heart rate monitor watches that proffer amazing features, but it offers even more when paired with a chest strap. If you choose for the chest strap as well, you unlock a whole new world of choices and connections you can use to enhance your athletic performance.

  • For Running and Triathlon-Type Sports
  • Long Battery Life
  • Technique Analysis
  • Monitors Training and Recovery
  • QuickFit Band
  • Difficult to Update
  • GPS Tracking Issues

Criteria Used for Evaluation


An exact device will never hinder you in achieving your fitness goals

For a user to gain a clear reading, a heart rate monitor is tatty close to the pulse points. Heart rate monitors, generally, correspond to three types of pulse points.

Chest Straps

These devices are supposed to be worn on the chest closest to the heart. Heart rate monitor watches can be incorporated for a more exhaustive reading. Newer versions can tether to smartphones via Bluetooth. These may present a difficulty for those who don’t like carrying their phones with them. though, they provide a clear and continuous reading and free up your hands for other tasks.


They are the most usually used monitor. They look like ordinary wristwatches and still have similar functions, and they come in different designs and have a variety of extra features and purposes aside from measuring the heart rate. For in-depth reading, heart rate monitor watches may require to work with chest strap monitors and other attachments. Another drawback is that they may stop a workout session when you stop to seem at your reading.
Continuous Reading Wristwatches

Heart rate monitor watches worn on the wrist are exact and updated, even without the trunk strap. They fit snuggly above the wrist bone for precise readings of the force point that is located there. They work in various sporting activities and proffer the most consecutive interpretation among all kinds of heart rate monitoring devices.

In our list, we ranked the heart rate monitor watches consistent with their accuracy. Some are more exact at displaying the actual heart rate, and some are not so much. If correctness is what you’re looking for, then don’t hesitate to sort the items according to this criterion and decide off the top!


In this day, smart devices can be improved with connectivity to other types of devices

It is always great to have your phone handy at all moments, lest pertinent notifications and communications reach you. Smart wearable devices like heart rate monitor watches arrive with wireless connectivity that lets you to connect your phone. In doing so, you can take some control over messages and notifications from the relieve of your wrist.

This wireless connectivity is particularly important when there is no GPS connectivity. In the lack of GPS, the phone’s native apps and trackers can serve as a substitute.

Sure, not all of the heart rate monitor watches have the option of connecting to your phone. To keep on top of your notifs and message exchanges even when you exercise, especially look for this feature when shopping for heart rate monitor watches.


The key to unlocking a device’s functionality understands its features
Standard heart rate monitor watches provide low and high heart rate data while displaying the time and assist in managing workout sessions. Manufacturers incorporate new qualities with advances in technology, making each subsequent model with more functionality. Here are some notable qualities in some advanced watches:

Workout Targets: Current heart rate monitor watches proffer between 3 and 18 models for sports and workout activities. These modes cover survival, period, aerobics and more. You can program these parameters to fit your individual preference and abilities.

Timers and Stopwatches

As well telling the time, heart rate monitor watches also quality alarms, countdown timers, and split time features that aid you organize your workout.
Calorie Counters: this estimate the total calorie burn rate in various exercises and daily tasks. This quality is vital for weight loss programs, with weight training geared towards gaining mass and building muscles.

Distance and Speed Tracking: This quality calculates the total distance and speeds reached during a run. It is mainly used in outdoor training. Foot pods or other attachments can also be incorporated to obtain a more precise measurement.

Interfacing: Heart rate monitor watches can also attach digitally to other wireless devices like PCs or phones. This quality allows users to download their data to another device for good analysis and storage for future positions. A heart rate monitor watch with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity makes the task more intuitive, particularly when you require a remote connection.

Coded Transition: Electronic signals from other devices can approach the transmission of data from heart rate monitor watches and its paired devices. So, a watch that transmits encrypted signals can prevent this from occurring.
Charging and Battery Replacement: a few heart rate monitor watches have replaceable batteries while others have easy ways to charge them when they run out of juice.


You will need to feel comfy wearing the watch for long periods
Wearing an accessory for a long period of time can get painful at some point. This discomfort is particularly true if you are working out while wearing the device. Resistance, reverse pigmentation and other allergic reactions can happen despite your best intentions.

Feedback sounds from inbuilt alarms and readability may also cause you to be pain while using a specific brand or design.
If you feel any pinching, painful rubbing or even tightness that you can’t get free of, it is best to not set off on an hour-long run with the device; you will most probably end up with a sore – and possibly blistered – wrist at the end of the workout.
While the aspect of soothing is subjective, some steps can be taken to avert discomfort.

Before committing to a purchase, make sure you read up on the materials used in the construction of the heart rate monitor watches. Besides, read over the honest reviews and suggestions of customers that have been using your desired product before.


The best feature of a device lies in the reason it serves you in life
Heart rate monitor watches with extra features offer vital statistics on your health. They also aid you to optimize your experience by allowing you to find your notifications without taking your phone out. Aside from that, heart rate monitor watches can come in useful in helping you set and attain various health goals.

Brisk walking and jogging: You can fit in heart rate monitor watches into your walks to create, track, and reach fitness goals. By aiming at fat burning, distances covered, and calories used, you find more out of the exercises.

Stress relief: Some heart rate monitor watches also quality blood pressure sensors. These also have alarms and prompts that alert you when your physiological and psychological stress parameters are uneven. These indicators help you relax or orient your breathing to decrease the effects of your stress.

Cycling: Heart rate monitor watches track your body’s act through endurance, low and high cadence rides, and intermissions. It takes the entire datum, whether you’re on the road, hitting a follow, or using a stationary bike.


a few advanced heart rate monitor watches are waterproof and feature swimming sport modes. These modes can incorporate very important data like swim stroke, lap times, distances covered, with your body’s condition into your swim session. This data can aid you to work on areas of weakness with set personalized targets.

Weight loss: Heart rate monitors watch help you regulate your dietary regiment and exercise sustainably. They also gather and display data on calorie and fat burned during activity.

RSI: Repetitive stress injury (RSI) is ordinary in people whose jobs need a lot of sitting down. IT professionals and freelancers spend over 10 hours a day hunched over computer screens. This need for activity and rude posture leads to damage, which, over time, leads to injury. These watches can assist alleviate RSI by reminding a user to get up and stretch a little to ease muscle and mental tension.

Recovery: Cardiac, blood pressure and other data a heart rate monitor provides are helpful in assessing the condition of people recovering from injuries and illnesses. Such data can help these patients slowly return to a state of fitness and stamina.
Elite athletes: To perform at top levels, athletes require pushing themselves to reach and retain fitness. The data recorded by heart rate monitor watches can assist athletes in achieving the best physical conditioning.


Your heart rate is the key and the first step to attaining healthier. To find the best heart rate monitor isn’t so hard finally. You just need to make sure you like it, it’s comfortable and it serves your requirements. Find your target heart rate (60%-80% of your max heart rate) with the fitness monitor to get the best results. If you track our tips above, we’re sure you will be capable of finding a fitness monitor to start your journey to reach a healthier lifestyle.

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