Best Gym Bags For Women 2020Women have lots on their plate. From dealing with stress at work and house to carting around family members and running errands, carving out time for you can be tough.

Implementing a schedule to work out is one remarkable way to not only take time for yourself but to also assist you to center yourself, improve your life, and helps you to achieve and maintain the best level of health probable.

The right women’s gym bag is a brilliant tool to make hitting the gym easier than ever as staying organized and focused.

We experienced and reviewed the Best Gym Bags For Women to help you find the best bag for your money. We have also handcrafted an exceptional buyer’s guide that is brimming with the knowledge to expose the purchasing process. Let’s get started!

the Best Gym Bags For Women


1.Adidas Squad III Duffel Bag: Longest Lasting Gym Bag Option

Adidas Squad III Duffel Bag

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The Adidas Squad III Duffel Bag is one of the sturdiest bags our testing team reviewed. The bag still comes with a lifetime guarantee, making it a sound decision for anyone who can sometimes be a bit uneven on their gym equipment.

This choice has been meticulously crafted from a strong and fashion-forward polyester fabric that will last throughout heavier use.

The Adidas Squad III Duffle Bag has a roomy main compartment ideal for toting clothing and gear.

The bag also has an adaptable shoulder strap, a cushioned pocket for your digital devices, a key fob, and a lot of pockets for stashing smaller items. The bag is available in many beautiful colors and patterns to suit any style preferences.

  • the gorgeous bag that is offered in many colors and patterns
  • At 21 inches by 10.5 inches by 10 inches the duffle fits lockers amazingly
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Lots of storage spots for vital items
  • Large external ventilated compartment for sneakers or dirty gear
  • The shoe compartment may not hold larger sizes of shoes contentedly

2.Vooray Burner 16 Inch Compact Gym Bag: Most Aesthetically Pleasing Women’s Gym Bag

Vooray Burner 16 Inch Compact Gym Bag

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The Vooray Burner 16 Inch Compact Gym Bag is one of the beautiful bags our testing team members were able to review. The bag comes in some beautiful designs including several different hued prints featuring roses, a bold black marble look, or subtle cherry blossoms.

The Vooray Compact Gym Bag truly lives up to its moniker thanks to a length of only 16 inches, helping it fit into smaller gym lockers.

The Vooray Burner 16 Inch Compact Gym Bag includes a faux fur-lined pouch devoted to protecting your electronics.

The handles are magnetic to keep you from fortuitously losing anything or having the contents of your bag spills it in case of a drop. The base of the bag qualities a rugged hard-shell base that is water-resistant to protect your gear.

  • emitted pocket in the side for airing out clothing or shoes
  • some stunning designs
  • Magnetic handles to protect your belongings
  • Well-made and very sturdy
  • Somewhat expensive compared to similar choices but well worth the cost

3.Nike Women’s Gym Club Duffel Bag: Best All-Around Women’s Gym Bag Selection

Nike Women’s Gym Club Duffel Bag

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The Nike Women’s Gym Club Duffel Bag gets our testing team’s highest marks. The bag is available to buy in many different shades to delight any personal preferences.

If durability is a top concern, then this bag fits the bill thanks to its excellent craftsmanship and polyester material.

This gorgeous offering from Nike includes an internal divider to make getting and staying organized a breeze.

You can securely place smaller valuables in any of the interior pockets to safeguard while you work out. The bag is plenty large enough to contain everything you need while still easily sliding into your gym locker. This choice can pull double duty as a weekend travel bag as well.

  • Created from ultra-strong polyester
  • Ideal for exercising, traveling, school, and so much more
  • An easy blend of functionality and aesthetics
  • Interior pockets and divider make organization a snap
  • Our testing team loved this Nike bag so much that we were tough pressed to find any negative qualities

4.Runetz Gym Bag for Women: Best Bargain Priced Gym Bag

Runetz Gym Bag for Women

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The Runetz Gym Bag is a functional and effortless on the eyes option that is as affordable as it is stylish. The bag is intended with a shoulder strap that is both detachable as well as being adaptable. Our testing team loved using the bag for this reason as it makes the bag more simply accessible and useful for lots of activities.

One team member’s daughter “borrowed” the bag while home on break from school to use like a workout bag and a bag for packing for weekend trips.

The Runetz Gym Bag is available in a few choices including a lovely chevron pattern in teal, bright pink, grey chevron, and black.

This bag is very lightweight so it won’t be a pain to cart around after a long session at the gym. We were also pleased by the ventilated pocket on the Runetz Bag which comes in very useful when carrying sweat-drenched clothing or wet swimming suits.

  • very durable and very light
  • Beautifully bargain-priced choice
  • Ventilated pocket for swimwear or sweaty clothing
  • Lovely colors and design choices available
  • The shoulder strap is both adjustable and removable
  • Our testing team completely loved this bag’s performance as much as its low price with no complaints

5.Coreal Sports Gym Duffle Bag: Terrific and Inexpensive Option

Coreal Sports Gym Duffle Bag

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The Coreal Sports Gym Duffle Bag is a superb option at a very low price. The bag is available in several fun colors and includes an exceptional compartment to store your working out sneakers in.

This is also a very sturdy option thanks to wearing and tear-resistant ripstop nylon.

The Coreal Sports Gym Duffle Bag is very light to bear which was a big selling point for our testing team members.

The shoulder strap is both detachable and adjustable to provide comfort. Individuals with back pain or mobility concerns will love how simple the bag is to maneuver.

  • Large main compartment
  • devoted storage for your gym sneakers
  • Extremely strong and durable
  • Inexpensive and adaptable
  • This bag is not as fashionable as some of the others we tested

6.Forestfish Women’s Lightweight Gym Tote Bag: Best Cross Body Style Gym Bag

Forestfish Women’s Lightweight Gym Tote Bag

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The Forestfish Women’s Lightweight Gym Tote Bag was a hit between our testing team members thanks to its cross-body fashion and versatility. The bag can be carried as a crossbody gym bag, it can be used as a travel shoulder bag, or the hand straps could also carry it.

This level of customization is ideal for individuals with pain or mobility concerns.

The Forestfish Women’s Lightweight Gym Tote Bag is created in some colors including lime, bright blue, and black.

The bag is super light to bear and thanks to its nylon material, it’s also water-resistant making it an awesome option for swimming. You’ll get an inner bag with a zipper, two zippered front pockets, and two side pockets to help in keeping you as organized as can be.

  • plenty of pockets for stashing belongings
  • very durable and lightweight
  • Great for wetter climates or swimming
  • The removable and adjustable shoulder strap offers versatility
  • We wish there were more pattern choices but it’s a terrific and bargain-priced choice

7.Everest Gym Bag: Wonderful Option for Anyone that Needs to Stay Hydrated

Everest Gym Bag

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The Everest Gym Bag makes staying hydrated while working out simple as can be. The bag features a water bottle pocket front and center.

Our testing team loved that the bag assists to remind them to drink water and also has a ton of space to fit all of your necessary items.

The bag has a side pouch for damp items or stinky tennis shoes, a padded water bottle holder, a very roomy clamshell opening main storage spot, front zippered pockets, and a large mesh side area.

The Everest Gym Bag is as cheap as it is functional. Our testing team liked using this gym bag for working out, for school, for trips, and work as well. With an adaptable shoulder strap, the Everest Gym Bag is also very comfortable to carry.

  • cheap option
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • plenty of space for all of your stuff
  • very versatile
  • The bag may not be as durable as some of our other choices but at this price, it’s a steal

8.MIER 20-Inch Sport Bag: Best for Busy Professionals

MIER 20-Inch Sport Bag

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The MIER 20-Inch Sport Bag is the ideal solution for busy professionals. The bag is existing in a bright pink or traditional black.

This choice has a special pouch to house and protects your tablet or laptop as you work out.

This gym bag offering from MIER is crafted from forceful nylon with a 210-denier lining.

The bag is not only well-made, but it’s been built to last throughout heavy use and grueling commutes. This option would be great for travel as well thanks to its shoe compartment and zippered enclosure.

  • Super lightweight yet very sturdy
  • Bargain pricing
  • Ventilated pocket for wet or sticky items
  • Available in classic black or bright pink
  • Adjustable and removable shoulder strap maximize comfort
  • We hope this bag was available in more colors and patterns

9.WEWEON Gym Bag: Best Duffle-Style Gym Bag Option


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The WEWEON Gym Bag features a usual duffle bag design. The main compartment is very spacious to contain your workout important or for a weekend getaway.

The bag still includes a vented pocket on one end where you can place wet clothing or shoes.

The Best Gym Bags For Women is available in some fun colors including black, blue, green, and pink.

The bag is also ideal for anyone short on storage space since it folds up neatly. The adjustable shoulder strap is detachable as well to customize the carrying style.

  • great price point
  • Water-resistant and simple to carry
  • Ideal for toting your workout gear or to take on a trip
  • Folds up simply for storing when not in use
  • This gym bag is large, so you may require to double-check that it will fit into your gym’s lockers

10.Fila Advantage 19-Inch Sport Duffle Bag: Most Versatile Gym Bag

Fila Advantage 19-Inch Sport Duffle Bag

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The Fila Advantage 19-Inch Sport Duffle Bag is the ideal women’s gym bag to pull double duty. Our testing team members enjoyed using this bag for all from working out to hockey practice to traveling.

In addition to its amazing versatility, this gym bag is also cheaply priced.

This sports bag offering from Fila has a secret shoe compartment to shield fresh clothes from not-so-fresh shoes.

The bag has been created using 600-denier ripstop nylon, thus it will last for years to come. With an adjustable shoulder strap that includes padding, this is also a simple bag to carry for longer periods.

  • super price point
  • Very versatile
  • contains a secret place for stinky shoes
  • Super heavy-duty and sturdy while still being light and easy to cart around
  • We hope the inside lining of the bag was a tad bit stronger but for the price, it’s a superb purchase

Best Gym Bags For Women – Buyer’s Guide

Women are busier than always with work, school, daily responsibilities, and so much more. Carving out time to exercise is hard enough without also trying to figure out what type of gym bag to bear. The sheer number of women’s gym bag choices currently available forget is enough to make anyone’s head spin.

During our testing time, we learned a great deal about the most vital features to watch for in a women’s gym bag. Consequently, we have handcrafted this buyer’s guide to demystifying the purchasing process. Therefore, without further ado let’s take a look at what makes for the best women’s gym bag.

Key Considerations

All Best Gym Bags For Women were most certainly not created equal. Let’s explore the features that matter most.

Storage Space

A gym bag requires being large enough to hold your gear and extra clothes. Equally, a too-large gym bag won’t be simple to place into your gym locker or carry around. You may require to double-check the dimensions of your gym’s lockers to make sure an oversized option will still fit happily.

If you are heading to your favorite exercise class, you’ll require water. Selecting a women’s gym bag that has dedicated spots for water bottles can be very helpful. Zippered pockets with soft inner linings are super for safeguarding smartphones, tablets, earphones, and much more.

Lots of the women’s gym bags we reviewed had breathable mesh sections. These storage spots are ideal for stashing your sneakers in. This type of pocket is also a superb idea for individuals that enjoy swimming or other water-centric sports since it will help in avoiding mold or mildew penetrating your clothing, towels, or other important items.

Material Matters

There are a few usually used materials in the construction and design of Best Gym Bags For Women. Here is a closer look at the most ordinary fabric utilized.

Canvas: Canvas is a lighter material frequently used in the construction of bags. This option costs less than other choices and creates a bag that is light and easy to tote around. This choice is most often crafted from tightly woven linen or cotton fibers. Canvas is also easy to care for. It is less costly than other materials and makes a lighter, easier top handle bag.

Nylon: Nylon is another superb fabric option. It is inexpensive and can be constructed in a plethora of colors and patterns. Nylon is very lightweight and simple to clean and maintain. It does tend to rip or tear so you will require being somewhat cautious.

Leather: When you think about high-class bags, leather is the most often used material that comes to the brain. This is luxurious and long-lasting in addition to being gorgeous and buttery soft to the touch. Leather is also fairly pricey compared to the other regularly used materials and can scratch or become soiled easier than other choices.

Leather is often identical to luxury and craftsmanship. As an animal product, leather often receives negative consideration. It is very durable and feels lovely. Leather is also more costly than other materials and may scuff or scratch simply if not properly cared for and maintained.

How Do I Choose the Best Women’s Gym Bag for my Needs?

Start by thoughts about the activities you will be using your new gym bag for. If you play a sport involving lots of equipment for example tennis, you will need a larger or specialized bag. If it is meant to hold your clothing as lifting weights, you may want to select a smaller option.

Will your new gym bag be pulling double duty as a bear on or travel bag? If your answer is yes, you may want to go with a more sturdy option since it will be used more often. Many Best Gym Bags For Women include a separate pouch or kit to store toiletries, which is another helpful and useful feature for frequent travelers or those persons facing long commute times.

Different Styles of Best Gym Bags For Women

There are many different fashions relied upon by designers. Here is a detailed explanation of the various styles that are the most fashionable and commonly used in crafting gym bags for women.

Messenger Bag: Messenger bags have become an extremely common style. They are sometimes referred to as over the shoulder bags. The bag contains a centralized pouch for storing your items in addition to supplementary pockets for the union. If you like messenger style bags, try to choose one with adequate shoulder strap padding to increase comfort and stop sore shoulders.

Tote Bag: A tote bag typically has two straps and is carried by one hand. The bag may or may not have a way to enclose the top to stop your items from falling out. This type of bag is huge for shorter distances or also using when grocery shopping.

Duffle Bag: A duffle bag is the common gym bag style. This type of bag usually consists of a larger compartment and some smaller pockets for storing smaller things like a water bottle, keys, or maybe a few after works out snacks. They may be hand carry fashion with two smaller handles or might include a shoulder strap. Duffle bags are huge not only for the gym but also for use on vacations.

Backpack: Backpacks are used for carting around something from books to sneakers to sports equipment. They are worn on the back, freeing up your hands for a mass of activities. A backpack-style gym bag is a terrific option for business professionals that like to keep their laptop, and other necessaries close at hand at all times.


If your new women’s gym bag is painful to carry and use, there is no point in keeping it around. Look for adaptable shoulder straps and padding to add extra comfort during your commute to the gym. removable straps, hand straps, or backpack style straps can also add to the relieve level of your new bag as well.

Tips for purchasing the Most out of Your New Gym Bag

Let’s take a gander at some useful hints and tips to assist you in using and loving your new bag.

Take the benefit of special features. For instance, if you live for yoga or Pilates sessions, spend in a women’s gym bag with straps to hold your mat. If kickboxing is more your speed, search for duffle bags that have special storage areas for your tape and boxing gloves.

Do you have back pain or partial mobility concerns? No worries! There are Best Gym Bags For Women that have wheels for trolley fashion carrying. A bag on wheels can also be a great help after a mostly grueling weight lifting session.

If you love the way a bag seems, but it lacks functionality, skip it. A beautiful bag is worthless if it can’t hold and aid organizes your things.

Choose a bag that can be thrown in the laundry if possible. They are much easier to fresh and care for than those that are not machine washable.

Finding the best women’s gym bag for your requirements can seem like a fate worse than running for hours and hours on a treadmill. Keeping your budget and preferences in mind will aid to keep you on task. Also keep an eye out for bags with features that will be useful for your favorite activities such as a yoga mat strap or a place to save your tennis racket, for example.


We hope our reviews of the Best Gym Bags For Women were useful to you today and that you gained some new insights from our buyer’s guide. Nothing makes us as cheerful as hearing from our readers! Please drop us a quick line below with your darling gym bags and activities to get fit.


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