Cleaning a waist trainer is essential as you wear it for hours. A clean waist trainer keeps the funkiness and bacteria away from the skin. But if you don’t know how to wash a waist trainer properly, we are here for you.

Nevertheless, the waist trainer is a blessing for losing weight and enjoying a slim figure.

However, if you do not keep it clean, you will be unable to enjoy it for an extended period of time. Moreover, washing the waist trainer in the wrong way can ruin the fabric, since most waist trainers are made of latex fabric.

Luckily, in this guide, we will discuss a proper way of cleaning a waist trainer that will ensure proper care and maintenance of a waist trainer.

Moreover, we have covered some crucial tips and instructions so you can enjoy a healthy weight loss season.

how to wash a waist trainer


Is it okay to wash my waist trainer?

It depends on the way you are planning to wash your waist trainer. It is strictly forbidden to wash the waist trainer in a washing machine or a machine dryer.

Doing so will not only break the steel bone but also cause latex. Moreover, a washing machine can discolor the waist trainer.

Conversely, you can wash your waist trainer by hand. It will both ensure proper maintenance of the fabric and keep the waist trainer from any damage.

Things you should know

Despite washing the waist trainer in the machine, don’t use laundry detergent to wash the waist trainer.

Some detergents contain alcohol, bleach, and fragrances, which can damage the waist trainer. If you must use detergent, it is preferable to use an all-natural or mild detergent. You can use a gentle shampoo, body wash, or shampoo instead.

If you must use detergent, choose an all-natural or mild detergent. You can use body wash, gentle shampoo, and/or baby shampoo instead.

How to wash a waist trainer

Before discussing the process, let’s have a look at what accessories you will need to complete the journey.

  • Soft cloth
  • Body shop or mild shampoo
  • Fill a bowl or basin halfway with warm water


Dip the soft cloth in the warm water and then lather it up. This is where a body shop or a gentle shampoo will come in handy.

Don’t wash the cloth deeply so you can soften it quickly before applying it to the waist trainer. The cloth should then be cleaned and gently rubbed on the waist trainer.

Usually, most waist trainers are made of latex fabric, so don’t wash them in a hurry as it can damage the fabric.

However, latex is a strong material that offers the desired compression, but while cleaning it can be damaged easily. So proceed with caution.

Wipe every surface of the waist trimmer and dip the cloth periodically in the warm water. If the process is completed, wash the cloth in clean water and wipe down the waist trainer. Make sure there is no soapy residue on the waist trainer while wiping.

Now hang the waist trainer to dry. Remember, don’t wring it, and just drop it on the line instead. It would be better if you hung it in a well-ventilated area.

Make sure it is dry before wearing it again. If it doesn’t dry enough, don’t wear it, be patient, and make it ready for use.

Waist trainer storage

Storing waist trainers properly is also important. Store the fabric in a drawer or a drawer where you don’t have any direct sunlight.

Though it can be hung, laying it is preferable. You can use a lingerie hanger to hang the waist trainer. But don’t roll it up, since it could damage the waist trainer.

Ironing is not recommended

If you want to enjoy the waist trainer for longer, don’t iron it, especially if the waist trainer is made of 100% latex. Using a hot iron on such a fabric can cause it to completely melt.

Can you put a waist trainer in the washer?

Once again, never put the waist trainer in the washer. While the waist trainer is made of steel bone and latex fabric, the washer can damage the bone and cause it to shrink.

Alternate methods of Waist Trainer Care 

Apart from using a soft cloth and warm water to wash a waist trainer, you can keep it clean by following this step by step guide:

  • Take a bucket with soapy lukewarm water.
  • Put the waist trainer in the water to soak it up completely. Then dunk it up and down a couple of times.
  • Then use some water to rinse and repeat the process.


How often should you wash your waist trainer?

Wearing an unclean waist trainer can cause a little bit of funky. Besides, it increases the possibility of bacterial growth. Thus, it is essential to clean the waist trainer at least three times a week.

Do you have to wash your waist trainer?

Though it’s not essential to wash the waist trainer every time after wearing it, the user should keep the fabric clean to maintain its compression and shape.

What waist trainers are the best?

Some best Waist Trainers are available on the market are:

Final words

Hopefully, now you know how to wash a waist trainer. To sum it all up, wash the waist trainer by giving it a good wipe using warm and soapy water.

If you want to maintain the best shape for a waist trainer for a long time, don’t use a washer or dryer. A clean waist trainer is beneficial in many ways.

The main reason is that you don’t want to wear a nasty and sweaty waist trainer. It can cause skin infections and ugly rashes. So, keep the waist trainer clean and enjoy a healthy slimming schedule.

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