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Just the word “slippers” evokes relaxing pictures: work finished shoes off, feet up (and preferably encased in something cozy). Best Slippers For Women arrive with open or closed backs and toes and are classically made from fleece, memory foam, cotton, or polyester.

They may be breathable and moisture-wicking, or all about keeping you cozy and warm. With as many variations of slippers as there are feet, which fashion is best for you?

To help you pick, we put several best-selling slippers to the test. Here are our picks.

Best For Indoor/Outdoor Wear 2022


1.Ultraideas Women’s Memory Foam Slippers

Ultraideas Women’s Memory Foam Slippers

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These slip-on, open-back slippers are completed of ivory-colored fleece lining with a memory foam footbed. While the materials are man-made, the outside of the slipper looks and think like boiled wool. They are machine washable.

  • These slippers have a gorgeous design that looks like natural wool, fleece, and rubber. The exterior material felt like cozy boiled wool to the feel
  • When I took these slippers for a spin across a concrete floor, the anti-slip sole felt strong without being rigid. It also made for soft walking, which for me is a must-have
  • The plush memory-foam footbed felt helpful and cushioned my feet while walking. I’d recommend these slippers for patio wear, a fast walk around the block, and to keep your feet extra warm indoors through cooler months
  • As the width of these slippers was fine, the size 7-8 was a tad too short for my size 7.5 feet. An entire-size up might work, but could be too large
  • Inside each slipper is a scratchy tag that is hard to remove, and may be irritating to some wearers

Ultraideas Women’s Memory Foam Slippers

The Ultraideas memory foam slippers are an attractive choice for those that need comfort and stability to transition from home to outdoor strolls.

Best Ballet-Style

2.Isotoner Women’s Satin Ballerina Slipper

Isotoner Women’s Satin Ballerina Slipper

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These ballet-style slippers are made from nylon and spandex, and have a flexible satin look and feel. Besides, the soles are suede, and the interior lining is an easy foam pad covered in a slightly nubby fabric.

  • The Isotoner Ballerina Slipper felt soft and supple on my feet when walking, with no stiff construction
  • The stretch design is comfy and resilient. The size 6.5-7.5 fit well on my 7.5 feet
  • For those who like the ease and a slim profile, these Isotoner slippers boast a classic ballet slipper design 
  • The satin material feels skinny and was not as warm as other slippers we tested
  • The suede sole may not be perfect for a wet bathroom or kitchen floors
  • I could feel the concrete floor during these slippers, which have little support. They may be better-suited to carpeted environments 

Isotoner Women’s Satin Ballerina Slipper

The Isotoners are soft and stretchy ballet-style slippers that are great for those looking for easy, comfortable footwear.

Best Fuzzy Pink Slipper

3.CLPP’LI Womens Slip On

CLPP'LI Womens Slip On

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These fuzzy pink slippers have a plastic lug sole and comfortable faux fur lining and trim. Additionally, with an open back and closed-toe, these sheepskin-style slippers are simple to slide on and off.

  • This CLPP’L I mules have an ultra-soft faux fur footbed that encased my feet in plush relieve
  • They come in some vivid colors. The pink is light, fun, and eye-catching — a classic fuzzy pink slipper
  • The sole is hard enough for short jaunts outdoors
  • The firm plastic sole feels lower-end and could be slippery on a wet surface
  • The pink faux-suede exterior already looks fairly dingy after brief wear. May not hold up to heavy use, or use outdoors
  • Available in whole sizes only

CLPP’LI Womens Slip On

Who doesn’t love a blurry slipper? The CLPP’LI mules come in vivid colors and have a hard sole for those morning runs for the paper.

Best Simple Foam Slide

4.shevalues Women’s Soft Indoor Slippers

shevalues Women's Soft Indoor Slippers

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These striped slide-on slippers have a stretchy white plastic sole, a memory foam footbed, and are available in ten colors. Also, The material is a soft-to-the-touch cotton blend.

  • If you like a typical, open-back and open-toe design, the shevalues Indoor Slippers might be a good option for you. I found the easy slip on and off design comfortable and cool
  • The memory foam footbed felt contentedly supportive under my heels and the balls of my feet
  • The top of the slipper is well-padded and wasn’t tight, still around my wide feet
  • Shevalues Indoor Slippers should be washed by hand
  • They felt a little delicate, and may not last more than a few months under normal wear

shevalues Women’s Soft Indoor Slippers

Classic indoor slippers with a memory foam footbed to contentedly contour to your foot.

Editor’s Pick

5.RockDove Birdseye Knit Memory Foam Slipper

RockDove Birdseye Knit Memory Foam Slipper

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The RockDove Memory Foam Slipper is my pick for the comfiest and versatile slipper. Besides, They’re made from natural cotton and spandex with a rubber sole that fruitfully toes the line between firm and flexible.

  • The RockDove slipper upper is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex, and felt attractively smooth and natural on the skin
  • The memory foam footbed feels cushiony and proffers solid support under a plush fleece liner
  • The RockDove slipper can be wired indoors and outdoors. as the natural rubber sole felt soft and flexible, it’s suitable to an hour in the garden as well as a long afternoon propped on the ottoman 
  • These slippers run a bit large. The size 7-8 fits my 7.5 foot, but with lots of room to spare in the toe box. Consider sizing down, mostly if you have a narrow foot
  • Available in whole sizes only

RockDove Birdseye Knit Memory Foam Slipper

A firm and flexible slipper, the RockDove Memory Foam Slipper is a versatile option for those looking for form and function.

How We Picked

Simple as slippers may seem, there’s a method behind our options and the way we test each product. But, what you require in a slipper depends on how you’ll use them, what feels comfortable to you, and your style, therefore there are a few vitals to keep in mind when you’re on the hunt for the ideal slipper:


Slippers are available in a large variety of materials and fabrics. Some of the most normally-used materials include:

  • Memory foam – Memory foam slippers are intended to mold to your feet during wear. This Memory foam has become popular for its capability to soothe and protect sore feet. Therefore, slippers can be useful for people with arch problems, bunions, or plantar fasciitis
  • Polyurethane foam – easy polyurethane foam may be used as an exterior material and to line footbeds. Polyurethane foam is lighter, cooler, and less costly than memory foam, but does not conform as well to the foot
  • Boiled wool – Boiling wool “knits” wool fibers together, making them thick and warm. This material is used frequently as an exterior material, mostly in more structured slippers with a firm footbed and solid sole
  • Cotton – Cotton is used most frequently for the exterior of a slipper and may be blended with other materials, for example, Spandex or polyester
  • Spandex – Spandex is blended with nylon, cotton, wool, or other materials to let them stretch and conform to the foot
  • Shearling or faux shearling – Shearling and faux shearling are often used to line or trim slippers and tend to be accepted in slippers designed for wear in cooler weather
  • Suede and leather – Genuine and faux versions of suede and leather are usually used as an exterior material in slippers, particularly in more pricey brands designed to last months or years


Slippers come in almost as many varieties as shoes. Common types we pick from include:

  • Open-toe/open-heel – Open toe slippers let for more room at the front of the slipper and maybe cooler for use in the summer. lots of slippers have an open heel, making them easy to slide on and off
  • Closed-toe and heel – Closed toe and heel slippers may be a flexible ballet-fashion, more firmly constructed with a rigid sole, or somewhat flexible with a more sturdy footed and/or sole
  • Boot-style – Boot-style slippers slide over the foot and ankle and have a closed toe and heel. Besides, They tend to be accepted in the winter and, depending on the construction, may be proper for limited use outdoors
  • Flip-flops – Flip-flop style slippers are open-toed and open-heeled, with least foot coverage. Flip-flop slippers employ a Y-shaped thong part between the toes, which is classically made of rubber or plastic
  • Moccasin-style slippers – Moccasin-style slippers are like to boot-style slippers but may be lower, rising to the ankle or just below
  • Slipper socks – Slipper socks have a sock-like shape and are typically made from thick, stretchy fabric for example wool, nylon, or fleece. Also, They are constructed with a flexible sole, making them more sturdy and less slippery than socks

Comfort and Support

One of the primary functions of slippers is relieved. One slipper wearer may find a flat-soled foam slipper to be perfect, while another might need arch support and heel cushioning. Some slippers have an orthotic-like footbed that may work fine for those with foot pain or sensitive feet. Therefore, People suffering from foot trouble or recovering from an injury may desire to consult with a podiatrist or doctor when choosing slippers to ignore aggravating a pre-existing condition.

Size and Fit

Slippers are usually sized like shoes but may run small or large depending on fashion and brand. Many people prefer slippers that fit faintly larger than the typical shoe. Similarly, Many slippers do not come in half sizes, making an accurate fit a bit more challenging. Precise sizing may not be quite as vital with open-heeled and toed slippers.

Slipper width is also important, mostly if you have wide feet or bunions that may be worsened by taut straps or a narrow toe box. Like shoes, slippers may have a break-in period and usually become more comfortable with wear.


While comfort is often paramount when choosing slippers, how they look matters, too. While I tend to favor closed-toe, wooly slippers, I also have a soft spot for simple rubber flip-flops. Some people prefer colorful slippers, fuzzy slippers that seem invitingly plush, or classic slip-on like our grandmothers wore. Similarly, the wide range of slippers, materials, and styles means we don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics for calm.


The price of slippers may variety from a few dollars to well over a hundred or more. Cost is determined by brand, materials, style, and stability. Similarly, some less expensive slippers are not designed to withstand long-term use but may be helpful for those who replace slippers frequently. More costly slippers made of rubber, shearling, fleece or wool can last for years, mostly when washed according to directions and used as directed.

Sleepopolis Tips

  • If you’re yet not sure which slippers are best for you, consider the following:
  •  choose where you’ll wear your slippers most. Indoors only, or around the backyard? Do you need strong slippers for cooking or working in the garage? Will you wear them mostly in your home office or as running after a toddler?
  • Think about how often you’ll wear them. choose a washable style if you wear slippers commonly, especially without socks
  • If you have foot trouble, choose slippers with a strong, high-quality footbed that offers arch or heel support. Moreover, memory foam lining may give more protection against hard floors and impact than the common foam
  • Remember, slippers are vital. They keep your feet and floors clean, shield you from splinters, hard floors, and sharp objects, and keep your feet hot or cool depending on the season. Even, You may spend hours every night in your slippers, and some of us put on them all day. Slippers are not a frivolous buy!


According to our reviewers, your feet will enjoy these slippers for their warmth and softness, with one of our testers described them as “the true definition of calm.” “You’ll enjoy walking around your home in these, since if you’re practically walking on a thin bed of pillows,” one of our reviewers remarked.

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