Are you suffering from a big stomach or want to look slim and attractive? Don’t worry. Best Tummy control Dress pants can make you slim and reduce your problem.

It is also fashionable and suitable to wear as regular dresses, even any occasion or office.

But it is a tricky task to choose the best tummy control dress pants among lots of brands. You have to consider quality, feature, price, and usage before making a choice.

That’s why we made a list of top five tummy control pants to make your decision easy.


5 Best Tummy Control Dress Pants

1. Rekucci Women’s Ease Into Comfort Pant with Tummy Control

Rekucci Women's Ease Into Comfort Straight Leg Pant with Tummy Control

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Optimum features and high-quality fabric made rekucca woman’s ease pant best tummy control dress pants in the market. The pant is specially designed with a pull-on style to provide you an extra touch of tummy taming.

Whether you go for yoga or workout, the pant will meet your entire standard. So it is the best dress pants for tummy control.

With contour waistband, mid-rise, and back darks, it will perfectly fit you. It is made with the softest fabric to provide you extra comfort and compression.

The tummy control pant offers lots of size and color. So you can choose from a range of options to pick the best. Especially the best pants will help you to smooth out any defects without being restricted.

Besides, it has Hidden flat elastic to provide you great support and all-day comfort.


  • Design with a pull-on style
  • Best for yoga and workout
  • Made with the softest fabric
  • Offer lots of size and color
  • Help you to smooth out any defects

2. Lee Women’s All Day Straight Leg Pant

Lee Women's Relaxed Fit All Day Straight Leg Pant a

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Lee women straight leg pant is a great combination of cotton and spandex. It has a zipper closure and loose fit ability.

So you will get natural comfort with your every movement. Especially you can use it for your office or daily activity with ease and style.

The great addition of this pant is it has four pockets. It will not only provide you timeless look but allow you to keep your essentials. You can attend any party or accession wearing the tummy control straight pants.

Its super comfort waistband and soft silky fabric ensure a perfect fit for all day and night. The pant is designed with high-quality material to allow you to move through life freely. Additionally, it straight fit through the leg, seat, and thigh to make you sexy and attractive.


  • It has a zipper closure
  • You can use it for your office or daily activity
  • It has four pockets
  • Comes with super comfort waistband and soft silky fabric

3. Rekucci Women’s Ease in to Comfort Pant with Tummy Control

Rekucci Women's Ease into Comfort Modern Stretch Skinny Pant with Tummy Control

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Welcome another body haggling beauty in our post best tummy control dress pants instead. It’s a dream come true product with high quality and optimum features.

It is rekucci woman’s tummy control pant. It comes with a legging fit and very slim. To eliminate the muffin top, it has a hidden front tummy control panel.

It is a great combination of Mid-rise and skinny. All the quality will make you look best and stylish.

Especially the best tummy control jeans design with front and back pocket. The pocket will allow you to keep your accessories and batteries.

Its smooth fabric not only provides you extra comfort but helps you for recovery. Besides, its front tummy tamer panel offers light control ability.

The pant will perfectly hug your body and give you a flawless look underneath any types of tops. To provide you all-day comfort, the pant has hidden flat elastic fabric. All the feature makes it the best tummy control pants petite.


  • Comes with legging fit and very slim
  • Design with front and back pocket
  • Perfectly hug your body and give you a flawless look
  • Provide you all-day comfortable

4. Rekucci Women’s Secret Figure Pull-On Tummy-Control

Rekucci Women's Secret Figure Pull-On Knit Bootcut Pant wTummy Control1

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Rekucci woman’s secret figure pant is another name in our list from rekucci brand. It a secret weapon likes its name to make you chic and slim.

It greatly able to fit flatters your body in all the right places. The pant is come with huge features to make you satisfy.

Firstly it is suitable to wear any time and any wear. Secondly, it is extremely versatile.

However, it is yoga pants, but you will look chic. Besides, it is designed with a hidden front tummy control panel and a pull-on style. So it is the best slimming pull-on pant in the market.

Then, you will feel very comfortable wearing tummy control pants. Especially the fabric is perfect for hiding any imperfections! It offers lots of sizes and colors. So you can pick your desired one from the huge chart.


  • Perfect for office and any occasions
  • Suitable to wear anytime and anywhere
  • Help you to look slim and chic
  • Extremely versatile
  • Perfect for hiding any imperfections

5. LifeSky Yoga Pants for Women with Pockets High Waist Tummy Control Leggings

LifeSky Yoga Pants for Women with Pockets High Waist Tummy Control Leggings 4 Way Stretch Soft Athletic Pants

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Are you looking for moisture-wicking and breathing friendly pant? If yes, then the life sky yoga pant will be suitable for you. It is specially made with super soft and elastic material so that you can breathe very comfortably.

It will also keep you from moisture-wicking. Additionally, it is a great combination of polyester and spandex.

So it is a full package of comfortability. To provide you smooth fit and look perfect, it designs with a high waist and tummy control wide waistband. Besides, it comes with an exclusive unique line to make you look better.

Are you still worried about going to the gym canter with your phone wearing these pants?? To release your tension, it has a pocket on both the front and backside.

It allows you to keep your cell phone and personal belongings safe. Especially it has a secret pocket as well to keep your key, credit card hide.

It’s four-way stretch technologies ensure the freedom of movement. The feature makes it perfect for yoga, fitness training, and everyday use. Thus, it is the best tummy control workout pants you will find in the market.


  • Made with a super soft and elastic material
  • Keep you from moisture-wicking
  • Provide you smooth fit and look perfect it
  • Comes with an exclusive unique line
  • It has a secret pocket as well to keep your key, credit card hide

How can I hide my stomach in jeans?

Make Lose your tops

Avoid firm clothes over the belly area. If you wish to hide your belly, you should try to wear more loose tops.


When speaking of layering, it works like magic when you need to hide your tummy fat. If you wear some layers or add a modern jacket that highlights a vertical line, your tummy won’t be obvious.

Draw the concentration elsewhere

Stay away from belts that could highlight the tummy. How about wearing a statement necklace rather than that will draw the attention elsewhere?

I also suggest picking tops and blouses with details around the higher half of the body (shoulders and neck-line), such as embroidery, ruffles, crystals, or studs.


Draping is great. You should wear clothes, whether a top or a dress, draped over the tummy area. Frills are also an excellent idea to hide the belly.

Dark shades

Choose darker colors, I’m not only talking about black, but you can explore fairly more with other dark shades as well. Besides, If you like to wear prints and patterns, it’s completely fine, just try to keep it easy.

Dresses that hide the tummy

The knee dresses are always a huge idea, but if you’re indirect longer gowns or clothes with draped details around the stomach will also be a good choice.

Did I mention Kaftans fit completely in that case? Whether it’s a Kaftan dress on the shore or an evening gown inspired by the usual Kaftan shape.

Go for Longer tops over pants

Though I’m personally not a huge fan of tunics or long tops with pants underneath, they yet do wonders when it comes to hiding your tummy fat.

The material 

A big NO goes out to clingy fabric, instead go for firmer fabrics prepared with a little lycra. Pencil skirts, perhaps?

How to hide tummy fat in jeans

When we are talking about jeans, choose a mid-rise pair as it sits flat on your belly. Besides, you have to avoid low-waist jeans, which would provide a push-up effect on your tummy, highlighting the tummy.

Shapewear and bags

Shape-wear holds up the belly, and you can wear something you like on top of it. Also, extra-large bags are a subtle but smart trick. Why? Mostly, oversized bags aid focuses the attention elsewhere.


What jeans to wear if you have a big belly?

If you are suffering from a big stomach, you should get high rise jeans or mid-rise jeans. It will help you with the most flattering cut and support you and cover your belly. Besides, you should avoid low ride jeans.

What are the tummy control pants?

Tummy control pant is a fabric that supports tummy. It hides the belly and helps to look attractive. These are designed with built-in panels at the waistline as well.

Final word

Tummy control dress pant is a fabric that quickly boosts your confidence by slimming your figure. It is a kind of regular dress with advanced design to make you attractive and beautiful.

It allows you to wear underneath regular tops and dresses. That’s why we cover the entire best tummy control dress pants that come with optimum design and high-quality material.

Before choosing your pant, consider your figure and choice. Get the pant that meets all your needs. Love your figure and enjoy your life.


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