woman-doing-push-ups-on-sit-up-benches-1638336Ladies, if you’re not power training, it’s time to start! A perfect place to begin is by investing in a set of dumbbells for women.

Not only will lifting weights enlarge your muscle mass and metabolism — which will aid weight loss — it will create you look smaller and leaner all over.

Not sure where to begin? Don’t be anxious, we got you covered. We’ve researched numerous sets of dumbbells and selected the best to use for weight loss, gaining power, and increasing your metabolism.


Best Dumbbell Set For Gym For Women

If you’re attracted to lifting weights or adding dumbbells to your home gym, you’re possibly wondering which set of dumbbells to choose.

As a name that has been lifting weights for over 10 years and constantly hitting the weights in my home gym 3 otherwise 4 times per week, dumbbells are one of my beloved tools in my strength training routine and a have to for any garage gym or basement gym.

Our Top Picks for Dumbbells for Women

Below are our top picks for dumbbells that will outfit every skill level and price range.  Our reviews are balanced (we don’t publish sponsored content!) and a portion of any purchase made will assist us to keep the lights on around Fit Healthy Best.

1.Fitness Alley Neoprene Dumbbells Set

Fitness Alley Neoprene Dumbbells Set

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The Fitness Alley Neoprene Dumbbell Set is the finest set of neoprene dumbbells with these weight levels that we set up.

If you’re actually interested in neoprene dumbbells, this would be a perfect set of neoprene dumbbells for women for your home gym.

  • 5 sets of dumbbells (2 pounds, 4 pounds, 6 pounds, 8 pounds, and 10 pounds)
  • Comes with A-fram stand
  • Hexagon-shaped ends help stop rolling
  • Neoprene-coating for soft grip
  • Great for beginners or yoga/aerobics
  • Lovely-looking set of dumbbells
  • Maybe preferable for beginners or young adult women who are twisted off by traditional dumbbells
  • The weights are on the lower end which boundaries increasing in weight over time
  • The neoprene may peel if showing to humidity

2.Amazon Basics Neoprene Set with Stand

Amazon Basics Neoprene Set with Stand

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We select the AmazonBasics Neoprene Set with Stand as the best set for beginners. These lightweights permit you to ease into weight lifting to avoid injury. This set will also balance a yoga or aerobics strength-based workout.  This is the ideal addition if you love at-home workout DVDs.

  • 3 sets of dumbbells (2 pounds, 3 pounds and 5 pounds)
  • Comes with stand
  • Hexagon-shaped ends help stop rolling
  • Neoprene-coating for soft grip
  • Great for beginners or yoga/aerobics
  • Lovely-looking set of dumbbells
  • Maybe preferable for beginners or young adult women who are twisted off by traditional dumbbells
  • The weights are on the lower end which limits rising in weight over time
  • The neoprene may peel if exposed to humidity

3.CAP Color-Coated Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell

CAP Color-Coated Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell

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The CAP Color-Coated Rubber Encased Hex Dumbbell is a better dumbbell with the added bonus of having the exclusive color-coated end caps. This dumbbell includes all the features of a durable, secure and long-lasting dumbbell, with a great warranty, available in person dumbbells or sets.

  • Solid cast-iron core
  • Will not bend or break
  • Hexagon-shaped ends help stop rolling
  • Rubber-encased ends allow for a soft landing (no more scraped shins, forearms, or foreheads)
  • Simply distinguish weight classes by color
  • Contoured and textured grip
  • Sold individually
  • Superior CAP customer service
  • Buying separately may be overwhelming for beginners who just want to purchase a set
  • May have a plastic smell initially

4.Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

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We chose the BowFlex SeletTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells like the best set for adjustable dumbbells. This set is a vision for space-saving! If you are serious about lifting, this set will give virtually every weight a woman would need as each dumbbell has a max weight of 52.5 pounds.  If you live in a small space, this set is perfect for you.

  • Weight adjusts from 5 to 52.5 pounds on each dumbbell
  • Amazing space-saver!
  • Ideal for serious lifters who live in a condo/apartment
  • Perfect if you are unsure of what weight of person dumbbells to purchase
  • Rubber, textured grip
  • Limited 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • These are an investment piece
  • You may have to get used to the sense of the dumbbell if you’re used to traditional dumbbells

5.CAP 150 Pound Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set

CAP 150 Pound Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set

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We chose the CAP 150 Pound Rubber Hex Dumbbell Set as the best largely set. If you are grave about lifting for a lifetime, this is the set to get!

It checks off all the most vital boxes — rubber-end caps, hex-shaped end caps, textured handle.

The reviews on this product are awfully high, with customers giving high-praises to the CAP customer service team.  This set is really high-quality and will be a hard investment in your home gym.

If you desire real weight-loss results and lifelong health that’s easy to maintain, I can’t suggest investing in a set similar to this enough.

  • Ultimate set for those that are grave about their health and fitness
  • Dumbbells pairs from 5 to 25 pounds
  • Very durable (will last a lifetime!)
  • Hexagon-shaped ends help prevent rolling
  • Rubber-encased ends allow for a soft landing
  • Low odor rubber
  • Comes with space-saving A-frame stand
  • Amazing customer reviews
  • Very high-quality product
  • A favorite set of seriously in shape ladies like blogger Rach Parcell!
  • Ideal for isolation moves, functional and HIIT workouts, and strength training workouts
  • Steel handle and rack
  • Useful medium-depth knurling (texture) on the handle to help grip
  • CAP is known for exceptional customer service
  • This set merely goes to 25 pounds, so you may need additional weights as your progress

6.CAP Barbell 40-Pound Adjustable Dumbbells

CAP Barbell 40-Pound Adjustable Dumbbells

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We chose the CAP Barbell 40-Pound Adjustable Dumbbells like the best set for the value. If you’re looking for a space-saving choice, but the Bowflex SelectTech dumbbells are out of your cost range, this may be a good option.  This set barely takes up any space but offers you a wide variety of dumbbell weights.  As well, you can use the plates on their own for more versatility.

  • Double-cast iron plates
  • Will not bend or break
  • A budget-welcoming alternative to the Bowflex SeletTech adjustable dumbbells
  • Contoured and textured grip
  • Sold as a set
  • Great for beginners
  • You can use the plates separately or on the bars
  • Removing and adding the plates for every exercise may be too cumbersome for some users

What are dumbbells?

Dumbbells are an instrument that allows you to practice strength training.  They are usually sold in pairs since a majority of dumbbell exercises are completed with a couple of dumbbells.

Dumbbells are so popular since they allow you to perform the most basic and vital compound strength training movements with ease.

Besides, you can train one side of the body (one arm or leg) at a time, an advantage not provided by the use of most machines (source).

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What should you search for in a Women’s Weight Set?

If you’re simply looking to strength train at home, almost any weights set or dumbbells set will work great.  Though, here are some things to look for in any set:

Durability. Most dumbbells on the market are tough, but cast iron and rubber-encased ends are by far the toughest.  Neoprene and vinyl tend to peel after time with heavy use.

Textured grip. This is especially vital for heavier weights.  This lets you maintain grip during your lift.

Hex-end cap. This consigns to the end of the dumbbell being a hexagon-like shape rather than round.  This is very vital for heavier dumbbells, so they won’t roll around.

Type of workout. For normal mass lifting workouts, any dumbbell will work.  For aerobic and yoga-based power training work, neoprene and vinyl dumbbells are a better choice.

In your budget. Evidently, the dumbbell needs to be in your budget.  Person dumbbells and low-weight sets are great for lower budgets.  Adaptable dumbbells and multiple, high-weight sets are for long-term assets for women serious about their fitness routines.

Different types of dumbbell material

There are 5 basic types of fabric that most dumbbells are made out of, described below.

  • Vinyl. Classically vinyl-coated and sold in lighter weights.  Good for aerobic activity.
  • Rubber. Rubber-encased ends are very fashionable and sturdy.
  • Neoprene. A newer edition of vinyl-coated dumbbells.  Neoprene coating allows for a non-slip grip when your palms get sticky.
  • Cast Iron. An old preferred.  Cast iron dumbbells have been around forever and are very sturdy.
  • Chrome. Chrome dumbbells are likely to have round end-caps which are not ideal, but they at rest get the job done.

Dumbbell Exercises for Women

This video demonstrates a great, effectual, and quick (just 15 minutes!) workout with dumbbells.

As well, we’ve written over 30 workouts you can perform with just dumbbells in our power Training for Women Guide.

Women can perform the entire main body part compound movements with the dumbbells listed in this review:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Deadlights
  • Bridges
  • Hip pushes
  • Single-Leg or Split variations of the above
  • Rows
  • bear Press
  • Chest Press
  • Bicep Curls
  • Triceps Extensions
  • Flys (Back and Chest)
  • Lateral Raises
  • Upright Rows
  • Shrugs
  • Single-Arm variations of the above
  • Many, many more!

What mass of dumbbell should you purchase?

Depending on your ability level, you might be wondering what weight you should be using for each exercise.  If you have entrée to a commercial gym or hotel gym among a one-time pass or by visiting with a friend, use the below tests to decide the load that you’ll want to use when lifting weights.

Multiple Sets: try to complete 8-10 reps of a move.  When you are capable to complete the last rep with good form, but it takes you almost to failure, you have found a weight to execute for a mid-range number of sets.

One-Rep Test: decide the highest weight you can lift by completing one rep of one move.  When you sense like you cannot lift more than one rep, this is your one-rep max.  This is a higher test and should be performed after warming up.

Bodyweight: If you are a total beginner or haven’t lifted weights in many years, believe performing moves at just bodyweight the first few weeks and months of your mass lifting program.  From there, at a set of light dumbbells counting 3, 5, 8, and 10-pound weights.

Suggested Weight Chart

The below chart can give an example of how much weight a female beginner should use when lifting weights.

Bottom line? Most women who are of novice to average weight lifters can get away with the following pairs of dumbbells:

  • 5-pound dumbbells
  • 8-pound dumbbells
  • 10-pound dumbbells
  • 12-pound dumbbells
  • 15-pound dumbbells

From there, I would powerfully advise adding the below pairs to your home gym after a few months of lifting. formerly you’re lifting the below weights, you will actually be taking your physique to the next level:

  • 20-pound dumbbells
  • 25-pound dumbbells

Finally, if you’re actually into Yoga or Pilates (or if you’re older or recovering from an injury), a set of 3-pound dumbbells might be helpful for you, too.

Regularly Asked Questions About Dumbbells for Women

The below are commonly asked questions about dumbbells for ladies and strength training for women.

Why do women require dumbbells for strength training?

Women may favor dumbbells because they are available in lighter weights which makes them easier to grip for beginners.

Dumbbells are the best starting point to produce your home gym at home. They are extremely versatile and you can do almost every strength training exercise with dumbbells.

Additionally, dumbbells are great because you can add pairs of dumbbells at a time. Grow your force training library of equipment slowly and at your own pace.

Dumbbells for women are the same as dumbbells for men. Though, you can start with lighter weights — speak a set of 10 and 12-pound dumbbells.

From there, you can add a pair of 15 and 20-pound dumbbells because you gain muscle and become more advanced.

Those 4 sets of dumbbells? You’re seeming at a lifelong investment of less than $130 bucks, still, if you go with the best of the best dumbbells like these.

Why should you add dumbbells to your home gym?

If you favor working at out at home rather than going to the gym, dumbbells are a great adding to a home gym for any skill level.

If you are presently starting a strength training program, dumbbells are a huge first step in your equipment purchases.  You can perform nearly every exercise with dumbbells — they are awfully versatile.

Dumbbells will aid women in their weight loss journey since they allow you to make muscle and shed fat at the same time.  Contrary to cardio machines, dumbbells permit you to increase your muscle mass and improve your metabolism.

What kind of dumbbells is best for women?

certainly, men and women can use the same type of dumbbells.

Though, many women are beginners and need to start with a lighter weight previous to progressing to heavier weights.  Additionally, some women may favor a softer grip dumbbell, like neoprene or vinyl.

Happily, there is now a market for sets of lighter dumbbells for beginner lifters.  These sets are typically more affordable and take up less space than a traditional set of dumbbells.

Formerly a woman progresses to heavier weights after lifting for a while, extra dumbbell pairs can be added to your home gym.

Are dumbbells for women dissimilar than dumbbells for men?

Technically, no! Dumbbells are dumbbells.

Though, we can’t ignore the fact that some people are biased in the way things look and sense. Women who are beginners may in fact be turned off of heaviness lifting by large, cast iron dumbbells.

If women feel more comfy with neoprene or vinyl dumbbells when they start lifting weights, then that is improved than not lifting weights at all. Plus, vinyl and neoprene weights (which now have a softer and more feminine look) are indeed perfect for Yoga and Pilates — both of which are healthy forms of fitness that I would encourage rider you enjoy them!

Bottom line — all dumbbells work by strengthening your muscles. Suchlike type of dumbbell you feel most relaxing using is your choice and your choice alone.

Are dumbbells dissimilar than hand weights?

Sometimes people will name dumbbells hand weights, but they are basically the same thing. Technically speaking, hand weights are greatly smaller and slimmer across the length of the weight. They are frequently sold in neoprene or nylon.

The below picture is what someone may be referring to when they refer to hand weights.

Hand weights are usually sold in lighter weights — 5 pounds or less.

Hand weights for women are no dissimilar than dumbbells. They accomplish the same thing — permitting a person to practice strength training and enlarge their muscle size and strength.

Can you actually tone a body part with dumbbells?

While you can enlarge the mass of any muscle that you train, spot training or else toning is technically a myth.

Though, it’s important to maintain and increase muscle mass as you lose body fat.  This is called body recomposition.  You will kick to maintain your fat loss if you have not maintained and improved your muscle mass since your body will burn fewer calories after a diet.

Lifting weights and increasing muscle mass also provides a toned and lean look when you remove the top layer of body fat, in addition to other numerous health benefits. Not only will you look better overall, but your clothes will fit so much better and you’ll sense so much better!

Wrapping Up our Guide to Women’s Weight Sets

Strength training is such a vital addition to everyone’s fitness routine, especially for women as they age.

I have taught resistance training classes and lifting frequently for over a decade now and have seen firsthand that amazing health profits from strength training.  It is one of the only habits that can really keep you young!

The above dumbbells for women are all huge investments in your home gym and will assist you to reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

The above dumbbells for women are all huge investments in your home gym and will assist you to reach your fitness and weight loss goals.

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