If you want to take up yoga, you should know that your clothing plays an important role in your comfort while you are exercising. Because of the strenuous poses, your clothing should be flexible and have good breathability.

The best control pants for tummy can make all the difference between a pleasant workout and a frustrating experience. If you are painful, your pants are pinching you, or causing you to overheat; you will most possibly cut your workout short.


1.Fengbay High Waist Control pants for the tummy with Pockets

Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pants with Pockets

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The first product of our list is Fengbay High Waist Control pants for the tummy with Pockets. It’s an amazing pant for the best tummy control thong while getting exercise. It is good elasticity and 4 Way Stretch non-see-through fabrics.

Thus it perfect for yoga, fitness, any type of workout, or everyday use. Besides, it has a Hidden waistband inner pocket. This will help you keep a cell phone or any essentials.

especially, it is designed with a high-waist, tummy control wide waistband.

So, it will give you a streamlined look. Also, it has a unique fitness and compression technology. This will improve blood circulation and help to release muscle fatigue.

These high waist control pants made from the highest quality fabrics. It helps to remove moisture from your body.

Why we like it

  • It has good elasticity and 4 Way Stretch non-see-through fabrics.
  • Perfect for yoga
  • provides lightweight comfort
  • It also features all over interlock seams to reduce irritation
  • Allows for maximum comfort

2.HISKYWIN Inner Pocket Control pants for tummy 4 Way Stretch Tummy Control Workout Running Pants

HISKYWIN Inner Pocket Yoga Pants 4 Way Stretch Tummy Control Workout Running Pants

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Here are another pants for Tummy Control. It is made of 87%Polyester and 13%Spandex. Besides, this product is Moisture-wicking, breathable, soft, and durable. So, it seems are comfortable and minimizes rubbing and chafing.

These pants has also Mini hidden waistband pocket for keys, credit cards, or cellphones. Its high-quality design helps you for greater freedom of movement.

Besides, It is a good choice for any type of exercise or fitness-related activities. The pant has a range of size. So, you can choose as you wish. It has 4-way stretch material to promote both compression and support. Also, its design to create a leg-lengthening silhouette. This will give you a streamlined look.

Why we like it

    • It is made of 87%Polyester and 13%Spandex
    • Soft and durable
    • Comes with Mini hidden waistband pocket for keys
    • The pants have a range of size
    • Design to create a leg-lengthening silhouette

3.Fengbay High Waist Tummy control pants

Fengbay High Waist Yoga Pants

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These Fengbay High Waist Tummy control pants are also one of the best control pants for tummy one is more spanx tummy control. It is made of good elasticity and 4 Way Stretch non-see-through fabric. So, perfect for yoga, exercise, fitness, and any type of workout.

Besides, it also made from the highest quality fabrics to remove moisture from your body. These pants provide lightweight comfort along with sweat absorption and drying capabilities. It also features all over interlock seams to reduce irritation and eliminate chafing. So, this will provides you with maximum comfort and wearability.

Why we like it

  • Perfect for yoga, exercise
  • Made from the highest quality fabrics to remove moisture from your body
  • Help to reduce irritation
  • It has an inner pocket to keep the cell phone

4.MOVWIN Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts

MOVWIN Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts

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MOVWIN Tummy Control Body Shaper Shorts is very Adjustable with your body and effective in Tummy Control. This provides you Superior Shaping, Posture Support, and All-Day Comfort. As it using panels of varying compression to shape tummy, it is different from traditional shapewear. It is made of 70% Nylon and 30% Spandex. Besides, its Silicone strips in the waist seams keep your garment up without fail. It has Targeted compression shapes to help you in shaping and leaves space.

Why we like it

  • Very comfortable
  • Different from traditional shapewear
  • Help you shaping and leaves space
  • High-quality product

5.SLIM-SATION Women’s Wide Band Pull-on Ankle Pant with Tummy Control

SLIM-SATION Women's Wide Band Pull on Ankle Pant with Tummy Control

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The last of our list is SLIM-SATION Women’s Wide Band Pull-on Ankle Pant. It is imported and you can wash it in the Machine. It will help you hides imperfections and flatters your body in all of the right places. Besides, it is made of premium, durable, quality materials. Thus this will gives you comfort & value in mind will keep you keen and confident. It is perfect for every occasion such as work, business meetings, birthday parties, travel, family vacation, church, or girls’ night out. This also ideal for the professional career working woman. Even you can wear them all day long.

Why we like it

  • It is imported
  • Machine washable
  • Made of premium, durable, quality materials.
  • Perfect for every occasion

Best Control Pants For Tummy Buying Guide

Ease of Movement

Being able to move simply with your Control pants for the tummy is arguably the most consideration in selecting a good pair for you. This is mostly true with Yoga where you try and move your body into different poses requiring a lot of flexibility.

Yoga is tough enough without having your clothing working against you. By and large, Control pants for a tummy are completed of a spandex, nylon fabric and are intended to stretch and flex. Control pants for a tummy that has belly-flattening compression bands be liable to be the worst in this respect.

You may seem better but trying to bend over with the extra fabric and compression obstructs this. The best pair of Control pants for the tummy is the pair that you don’t yet notice you’re wearing! If you feel confined by pants or leggings, you might desire to consider a pair of yoga shorts.


In my opinion the next most vital factor in a good pair of Control pants for the tummy is how “breathable” the pants are. Breathability is achieved by an excellent combination of material weight, wicking properties, and how fine the material evaporates your perspiration.

Breathability is perhaps most vital when doing Hot Yoga. You no doubt will be sweating more with this type of Yoga, therefore having Control pants for a tummy that breath and “wick away” perspiration is crucial to your comfort.

Generally, the thinner and lighter material is going to be the most important factor. This unluckily reduces the durability of the pants.


While Control pants for the tummy, in general, are not particularly costly you still want them to last. Normally the pants tend to put on first with “pilling” or where the fabric begins to form the little balls or the fabric before the seams start to go.

Control pants for a tummy are particularly vulnerable to “pilling” due to the constant friction caused by the stretching in Yoga. Always they are vulnerable because of the common washing. Using less detergent and turning them inside out can help.

Fit and Comfort

Many of us use our Control pants for tummy for not only Yoga but everyday wear. They are just as comfy to wear shopping and the gym as they are for Yoga. So it follows we require a pair of Control pants for a tummy that is comfy all day long then just for an hour or so.

Body shaping is more important when we want to seem good in our Control pants for tummy while still maintaining comfort. The Fengbay High Waist Control pants for the tummy with Pockets were among the top as far as fit and is comfortable for all-day wear.


Style is of course the largely subjective criteria for evaluating Tummy control pants. There are some styles of Control pants for tummy available, from Capri style to long boot cut. Many Control pants for a tummy are available in a broad array of colors and print styles as well.

Viosi Women’s Premium Foldover Cotton Spandex was a standout so far as to look and comfort. They look just as good going to the studio since they do going to Target or to drop the kids off at school.

Best  Brands

Trying to pick the best brands of extreme tummy and waist control shaper is not easy and is of course subjective. Style is important and thus its comfort and quality. After wearing many brands of pants over the years I consider these brands top the list:

  • 90 Degree By Reflex – I believe they make the most stylish Tummy control pants, certainly the most colors!
  • Viosi – If you’re into bootcut Tummy control pants, then you will love Viosi! They a few of the best available.
  • Spaulding – It would be tough to leave them off the list, they make about every style Control pants for tummy imaginable.
  • Oalka – Their Power Flex tummy control shapewear are a few of the best out there for “slimming”.


You see people wearing control pants for tummy still while grocery shopping as they aren’t just comfortable, they are a fashion statement.

Q: What qualities make control pants for tummy so comfy?

A: With either no waistband at all or one that is supple and stretchy, the most common cause people to wear control pants for the tummy is so their waist is comfortable and they can move around simply. This is what makes them ideal for yoga, Pilates, and other exercise regimens that need flexible movements of both body and clothing. Though, you also don’t need to worry about zippers, buttons, or ties that can get cumbersome.

Q: What types of materials are control pants for tummy made from?

A: Control pants for tummy can be made from many materials and are typically blends of two or more. As natural materials such as cotton and wool are sometimes used, most are made from synthetic materials for example spandex, nylon, or polyester.

The type of material or blend you choose will rely on several things. Do you need something for support or comfort? Are you looking for huge designs or simplicity? What types of fabrics do you sense the easiest in when wearing? You might also want to consider the stability of the fabrics you choose.

Q: What is the best way to wash and care?

A: Try to constantly wash your control pants for tummy in cold water. You also shouldn’t put them in the dryer unless you have a “no heat” or “fluff” choice available. While you may be tempted to wash them in hot water to aid sanitize them, the hot water will stretch them out rapidly and fade the colors.

Some colors fade particularly fast so always wash in cold water. If you can hand wash them and hang them to dry, it would be still better for the comfy fit and long wear life of your tummy control cloth.

Q: How long does a pair of tummy control pants last?

A: The answer to this question relies mainly on the type of fabric your pants are made from as well as how regularly you wear them. As mentioned over, how you care for them when wearing and washing will also play a factor in how long they last. Be confident to have several pairs of pants. thus your only pair doesn’t get the brunt of use and doesn’t wear out fast. Be sure to wash, dry, and store appropriately. And be sure to choose a fabric material or blend that is tough enough to handle many hours at a yoga class.

Tips for Buying & Wearing Tummy control pants

We reviewed what we feel are good class pants and leggings here in our guide, you require to know how to make the right choice but also how to get the most out of that buy.

Tip #1: Invest in Quality

As the prices of leggings and control pants for tummy have gone down considerably in the last few years, much of that is due to the quality of many fresh brands that jumped on the bandwagon and made inferior products. The companies that produce higher class pants had to lower their prices to compete, which works well for you. You can find a high-quality pair today for what you would have paid for a cheap pair in 2020. The investment in a class pair of pants will pay off when they last longer and make you seem better!

Tip #2: Add Style

When the reputation of pants exploded and you first started seeing everybody on the street wearing them, there weren’t a lot of choices in styles. Nowadays, you can get everything from solid colors to intricate patterns. Some patterns still utilize several types of fabric. Capri tummy control pants, as well as fleece and fur-lined designs, aid you keep in style all year ‘round.

Tip #3: Keep Your pants Clean

We mentioned above how to wash your pants. We should stress the importance of washing them carefully and regularly as well. When you put on your pants to the Tuesday evening class, and the Thursday morning class and the Sunday afternoon class lacking washing them, they are harboring bacteria. Having this beside your skin for extended periods may lead to skin irritation. Wash them after each use.

Tip #4: Mix Things Up a Bit

It’s not only the bacteria, mentioned above, but that can also cause skin irritation when wearing tummy control pants. If worn frequently, your skin won’t be able to breathe well, which can cause heat bumps and still swollen hair follicles. Women who wear most days out of the week may yet find they get frequent yeast infections.

By mixing up what kinds of pants you wear, you can avoid this. And it gives you still more reason to look forward to yoga class… you get to wear your pants!

Final Thoughts

We demand lots of our pants. We expect them to not only look good but be comfortable wearing them all day. Then, we desire them to be durable and capable of stand up to frequent washing while wicking away moisture and keeping us dry. The 5 Control pants for tummy reviewed here will be a good starting point to finding an ideal pair.

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