The bodycon dress brings sparky, fun, and formfitting outfits, making it more acceptable among women for outdoor parties and other activities. Though this fabric is mostly ideal for a flat tummy, you can still enjoy a bodycon dress if you know How To Wear a Bodycon Dress Without a Flat Stomach.

Undoubtedly, bodycon dress accentuates all curves and offers an instant glam feel. But you are a plus-size woman, you may know how frustrating it is to wear something unmatched and face an awkward situation in public.

That’s the reason we prepared this guide with some crucial tips and tricks to help you enjoy bodycon dress even being a plus-size woman, without having a flat tummy. So let’s hack it and step ahead through the dream of your life!


What is A Bodycon Dress?

The bodycon dress is a type of form-fitting shape that works to outline and highlight the curves of a woman with its tight fits. Though the level of exposure it allows, many women believe that the bodycon style is only reserved for a young woman with a slim shape, but it’s not true. To be honest, wearing the right style, the bodycon dress can work to flatter a woman with any body shape at any age. So following the curves of your figure, make sure that you are wearing a bodycon dress confidently.

How to Wear a Bodycon Dress without a Flat Stomach

The following are some crucial tips that will help you look charming and attractive with a bodycon dress even if you don’t have a flat stomach.

Find the right fit

Though it’s a common but super important tip to remember. Make sure that you wear wearing a bodycon dress that hugs in the right places without spillage. While a too loose bodycon dress won’t do any favor to you, a tight dress will cause you breathing problems. You will feel uncomfortable and it won’t flatter you whatever the size is.

Modified it

If you are in-between size and don’t know how to look slim in a bodycon dress, you can tailor your dress to have a slim look. Squeeze the dress at the waist, shorten the sleeve and even you can cut off one or two-inch in length. It won’t cost much, but you will discover a massive difference.

Start with a good foundation

Pay attention to the girls too. A good foundation will keep the dress from spillage, while a too-tight bra can lead to spillage. If you don’t have a fitting bra, then visit the local store and talk with someone who will help you find a seamless and ideally fitted bra.

Smooth it out

While choosing your undergarments, pick a fabric with a seamless design. You don’t want to show off that panty line, lumps, or bumps. If you are looking for extra support, shapewear can be a good idea as it will keep things secure.


A dress with contrasting patterns, ruching, and cut-outs can help distract people from your problematic area. While darker colors will help you look slimmer, a lighter color can add volume.

Choose a structured material

Wear a bodycon dress that is made of thicker structured material as it will be more promising and figure-flattering compared to the lightweight material.

Add something on top

It’s another helpful way to wear a bodycon dress to look great. You can wear a fur cup over the shoulder that can be left on. Moreover, a long coat, a leather moto jacket, or a tuxedo vest can help you out.

Let your dress make a statement

You can customize the dress a little over the top, especially before going out for a party. Rather than wearing sky-high heels and a bedazzled bag, you can wear one or two-piece and leave the rest at home. Moreover, you can choose shoes with jeweled details, though simple nude sandals also work well.

How to Accessorize a Bodycon Dress

Dressing maturely with interest or creativity doesn’t enhance much confidence. You can retain some intrigue about the output and enjoy a gorgeous look with a bodycon dress. The following are some accessories you can wear with a bodycon dress to maximize your look:


A bodycon dress with an elegant necklace will not only distract the eye from those awkward parts but also help you look attractive. Moreover, it will exude a stylish and refined appearance. The accessories you will wear should be based on accession.

If you need to prepare for an important meeting at work, make sure you maintain a between form-fitting fit and semi-revealing with more sensible and professional accessories. You can achieve it by pairing the bodycon dress with some cautiously selected accessories. Plus, you can wear studs over hoops and a tailored jacket to introduce a professional outfit.

Conversely, if you are planning a night out with the girls, don’t forget about jewelry. Considering the neckline of the bodycon dress, the necklace will be a smart idea to wear with the bodycon dress. It will greatly make your collarbone attractive. More importantly, a necklace performs like a focal point and offers you a chance to explore with a range of designs. Wearing a colorful necklace can break up the pattern of the bodycon dress.

If you are looking for a more casual look, you can tone down the bodycon dress with flats and a cropped jacket. But make sure you are looking too overdressed to prevent an awkward situation.


Belts are also a smart idea to break up the shape and color of your bodycon dress. Even if you are looking for a solution to wear a bodycon dress with a tummy, you can try this trick. It will make your waist more attractive while offering a stylish look.


What can I wear to make my stomach look flat?

You can wear straight-fit jeans as they will not only offer you a balanced look but also minimize the tummy area. High waist shapewear can be a good idea since it is specially designed to flatten the stomach and ensure a slim appearance. Some high waist pants also work great to make the user some pounds lighter immediately!

Can I wear a bodycon dress if I’m fat?

Obviously, any plus-size woman can wear a bodycon dress if she has enough confidence. So while you are buying clothes or getting dressed, do it only for yourself. Wear a dress that makes you feel empowered, beautiful, and confident. So don’t limit your option dua to the compliment of other people and don’t sacrifice your interest and happiness for them.

Who can wear bodycon dresses?

When it is comes to wearing a dress, personal preference, comfort, confidence take priority overages, and body types. It means anyone can wear a bodycon dress at any age with any body shape. Moreover, if you keep some consideration in the mind of how to wear a bodycon dress without a flat stomach, the world is your oyster.

Final words

Throughout the guide, we discussed how to wear a bodycon dress without a flat stomach. We have offered different tips and tricks so you can have a great look wearing a bodycon dress even having a flat tummy. Despite those essential tips, don’t forget about choosing the right bodycon dress for your body shape. Wearing only the right fitting bodycon dress will help you feel confident and comfortable to enjoy your outdoor activity. Moreover, if you don’t feel confident, then there is no reason to buy it. Numerous options can offer you a gorgeous appearance with your body shape.


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