Undoubtedly waist trainer is the easiest and smart way to look instantly slim and enjoy an hourglass figure. But all the benefits of wearing a waist trainer are depended on choosing the perfect fit.

So, if you are wondering what size waist trainer should I get, keep reading the guide. In this post, you will get all the essential ways tips, and size charts to decide the perfect fit waist trainer for your body.

what size waist trainer should i get


Way to choose the right size waist trainer

We have divided the whole waist trainer choosing process into two different parts including taking a manual measurement of the body and matching in size chart.

Take accurate measurements

Firstly measure your whole body including bust, hips, waist, and torso where the waist is the more vital part. You should measure the body between 5 to 6 pm especially before dinner to get an accurate measurement.

Discover the natural waist

The natural waist means the narrowest part of the torso. to easily find the natural waist, simply bend the torso to one side. The deepest fold form you will find in the torso is the natural waist.

Measure the waist size

Start from the natural waist and wrap the measurement tape around the whole waist until the tape crosses the front end. Make sure the tape fits perfectly against the waist without squeezing or creating folds. Plus hold the tape properly so it doesn’t slip. Check the size of the waist and write it. You can measure the waist multiple times and take the average number to make it more accurate.

Measure the hips

The widest point between the groin and the naval is the right area of the hips. Stand in front of a mirror and wrap the measurement tape around your hip to find out the hip size. make sure the tape remains parallel while taking measurements.

Measure the bust

When the aim is to get the right size waist trainer, knowing the exact bust size is important while the bustline is optional.

To measure the underbust, place a measurement tape under the bust where the bra band sits. Then measure the fullest part of the bust which is at the nipple level. The result you will get will be the right bustline measurement.

Both the result will help you decide the right size for the bra. For example, if you find a 34 inches underbust and a 38-inch bustline, then opt for a 34D bra. Underbust measurement is essential for selecting the right size waist trainer.

Measure the torso

Waist trainer generally comes in different length, so these will fit in different torso length. Sit down on something and keep the back perpendicular to get the right torso length. Now start wrapping the tape from the base of the breast to the torso until the tape hits the thigh. Once it fits, you will find the right torso length.

Waist trainer size chart guide

People ask “what size waist trainer should I get,” as many customers order the wrong size.  Hopefully, you have successfully learned how to measure the body to discover the right side of every part. So after getting the measurements compare them with the following size chart to get the right waist trainer:

Waist trainer size Waist size( inch) Hip size(inch) US dress size
XS 25 to 27 36 to 37.5 0 To 2
S 28 to 30 38 to 40.5 4 to 6
M 31 to 33 41 to 43 8 to 10
L 34 to 36 43.5 to 45.5 12 to 14
XL 37 to 39 46 to 48 14 to 16
2XL 40 to 42 48.5 to 50.5 16 to 18
3XL 43 to 45 51 to53 18 to 20


Tips to remember while buying a waist trainer?

Along with the right size, there is plenty of key consideration that should compare.

You may wonder what is the best waist trainer brand? The answer varies depending on the budget and personal preferences. Again when it comes to the right size, every brand offers its own waist trainer size chart.

But don’t be confused, simply measure your body and order the waist trainer that goes with your body size. One more important thing, don’t order smaller size waist trainers though some people believe they help look skinny. In general, the waist trainer is designed to make the waist smaller even being the right size. But choosing a smaller size will bring plenty of difficulties including breathing problems, limited movement, and hurting the body.

Despite this, the waist trainer size may not be as same as the cloth size. so check the waist trainer size chart carefully. In some especially cases like the postpartum, unusually short or long torso, you should avoid the waist trainer size chart. Om such a situation, talk to the brand or local experts to get the right size waist trainer.

Some women find that their waist size falls between two sizes. If you experience so, go for the closest size of the waist trainer. It’s all in your hand to decide between comfortable or tight.

  • For the comfort fitting, choose two sizes larger waist trainer
  • For the tight-fitting, choose two sizes of smaller waist trainers.

But don’t go too smaller waist trainer as it will cause skin irritation, and damage the organ and nerves. And pain.

Final words

Feeling slightly uncomfortable is neutral for the first couple of use with a waist trainer. But don’t go for the too smaller waist trainer for the skinniest waist as you will get nothing but frustration. Hopefully, now you know what size waist trainer should you get as you the method. In last, don’t consider the waist trainer as regular cloth and wear it for a long time. After all waist trainer is an emergency and temporary way to look slim.




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