Yianna Waist Trainer is a reliable brand for one-time investment to enjoy toned and defined curves. Comes in a massive range of sizes, styles, and designs, Yianna Waist Trainer can shape any size and shape women to let them enjoy hourglass figures whenever they want. Apart from instant support, Yianna Waist Trainers are superb for waist training, workout, and other activities for permanent waist loss and skinny looks. So it’s a dream brand for girls to expose beauty freely and confidently.

But if you fail to pick the right Yianna Waist Trainer you will have nothing but skin irritation, body pain, and breathing difficulty, its means a waste of money. to keep you on the right track we come out with the 10 best Yianna waist trainers and a huge tips and tricks to help pick the perfect waist trainer wisely and use appropriately.


1. YIANNA Underbust Waist Trainer for Hourglass Body

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Indeed it’s the best YIANNA Waist Trainer for Women available in the market. Considering its popularity and effectiveness, this Latex Waist Trainer is the most reliable waist trainer that Yianna produces. Comes in underbust style, this sport girdle will make you slim instantly while keeping the posture in the best position, thanks to its adjustable hook-and-eye closure and 9 or 25 Spiral steel boned.

With a combination of three-layer fabric, this waist trainer will ass extra support while smoothing the waistline without compromising the short or long torso. along with everyday use, this Yianna waist trainer is compatible with workouts and other physical activity and reduces the waist up to 5 inches instantly.


  • This body shaper is available in huge sizes and colors.
  • It has steel bones that are flexible yet supportive.
  • With three-layer of fabrics, this waist cincher smooths the waist and removes the postpartum flesh.
  • It gently lifts the underbust and boosts thermal activity.


  • Comes in under-bust style, so don’t offer much coverage.

2.YIANNA Underbust Waist Corsets

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This YIANNA Waist corset is made completely from latex to offer firm support. At a time the waist trainer will also absorb the moisture much more quickly and feel soft against the skin. It means this waist trainer is perfect for wearing for a long time and at the gym to boost the weight loss program and show hourglass figures throughout the day. Despite this, this Yianna waist trainer has a max of 4 rows of hook-and-eye closures.

So this body shaper will reduce the waist circumference more largely than the typical waist trainer. Even this waist trainer doesn’t have a traditional rope or belt. So you won’t face any awkward moments while attending gym or parties wearing under the cloth.


  • This waist trainer slims the waistline up to 4 inches instantly.
  • With two-layer of latex fabric, this body shaper absorbs moisture and feels soft.
  • It offers lumbar support and improves posture.
  • Available in a large variety of colors and sizes.


  • This waist trainer may dig into the skin while sitting and may leave an impression after taking off.

3.YIANNA Women Waist Trainer Belt

YIANNA Women Waist Trainer Belt

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This YIANNA Women Waist Trainer Belt is the best weight loss belt with a sauna effect. If you are looking for a permanent slim effect and want to promote weight loss, simply add this Sports Girdle Belt into your waist training. It’s an ultimate fat burner with Sauna Suit Effect that increases the sweating and calories quickly.

Despite this waist trainers don’t dig into the skin and remain flats, so this undergarment won’t limit the movement during daily activity and workouts movement. Conversely, this Yianna waist trainer offers lumbar support and improves posture to enjoy an hourglass body.


  • This waist trainer is breathable and adjustable and maximizes fat burning.
  • It’s a stretchy waist trainer and offers support to the back and side.
  • This body shaper is suitable for any body shape.
  • Offer Sauna Suit Effect and effectively compress the waist.


  • Some user complains this waist trainer doesn’t cover the whole tummy area.

4. YIANNA Women Underbust Waist Training Corsets

YIANNA Women Underbust Waist Training Corsets

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This is another best YIANNA Women Waist Training Corsets for the hourglass figure. The waist trainer cinches the waist while feeling comfortable and second skin. Design with 9 flexible spiral bones, this body shaper doesn’t limit the movement during workouts and daily activities. This Yianna waist trainer also promotes sweating for a permanent slim figure and some users lost 2 inches in only four-month wearing the body shaper.

Despite you will get up to 3 inches slimmer waist instantly wearing this waist cincher and keep the midsection warm. Another impressive thing is, that this waist trainer is machine washable on a gentle cycle and doesn’t lose color, shape even elasticity.


  • These waist trainers are true to size.
  • Embrace the hourglass figure.
  • Adsorb sweat quickly and prevent skin irritation.
  • Perfect for reshaping the post-pregnancy tummy.


  • A bit difficult to zip all the hooks

5. YIANNA Women’s Long Torso Latex Waist Trainer

YIANNA Women's Long Torso Latex Waist Trainer

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It’s a perfect waist trainer for plus-size or long torso women to enjoy a slim effect instantly and comfortably. Its front closure is 14inch and the back is 12.3inch to offer great support to the long torso body. This inexpensive Yianna waist trainer is made of soft and cozy material and the boning isn’t much intrusive.

The sport girdle will fit under the bust down the hips to offer a slim curve even without downing the size. Another impressive feature is the waist cincher has an extra latex pad to protect the waist and back during a workout. Along with reducing up to 5 inches instantly, waist trainers are superb for squats and other exercises for a permanent slimming effect.


  • This waist trainer offers high compression to reduce 3-5 inches instantly.
  • Has an extra-large and robust front hook for providing support.
  • It can be worn under a variety of clothes and dresses.
  • Available at a decent price with plenty of color and size.


  • The waist trainer may produce a rubber smell.

6. YIANNA Waist Trainer Belt for Women

YIANNA Waist Trainer Belt for Women

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This YIANNA Waist Trainer Belt will trip and shape your waist curves without pitching and irritating the skin. So the waist trainer will correct the posture and support the lower back at the gym to get safer waist training. It’s a multi-functional waist trainer that is perfect for postpartum recovery as it helps burn more fat and defines curves.

Construct with 12 flexible yet tough Double bones to feel stretchy in the right place without digging into the skin. It also covers the total torso to offer full support and doesn’t have any bulging material.


  • Have double adjustable Velcro straps for perfect fits and high compression.
  • It increases sweating to flatten the tummy and waist.
  • Work as a compression binder around the waist to offer lumbar support.
  • It doesn’t dig and irritate the skin and lay flats.


  • Its large YIANNA” letters may not support wearing outside as seen easily over the dress.

7. YIANNA Short Torso Waist Trainer Corset for Tummy Control

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This YIANNA Short Torso Waist Trainer brings a great opportunity to enjoy an hourglass figure to the short torso woman. It fits perfectly in the short torso, trims the waist and removes excess water weight, resulting in a 3 to 4 inches slim effect. Another exciting feature includes a Mesh Breathable Latex design to absorb sweat and feel breathable all day long.

Even you can say goodbye to the slipping and bouncing wearing this tummy control waist trainer non-slip interior grid surface to keep the body shaper in place.  Comes in a curve design, this Yianna waist trainer ensures the best support to the tummy and lower back.


  • Its elastic spiral steel bones bend easily and recover their origin quickly.
  • Construct with 2 layers of Breathable Latex fabric, it feels soft and cozy.
  • This tummy control waist trainer works great with a sort of torso.
  • Available at a decent price with lots of color and size.


  • This waist trainer may pinch the hips and bra line while sitting down.

8. YIANNA Waist Trainer Double Training Belt for Women


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If you are looking for a waist trainer that remains seamless under the cloth and promotes the weight loss program while offering skinny figures immediately, try this YIANNA Waist Trainer workout belt. This sports girdle will suck you in really well and won’t see under the cloth. The waist trainer even won’t roll up during your daily activities or workout, thanks to its double adjustable closure.

With a double layer compression design, this waist training belt covers more area to sweat more tummy control. Another important thing is this waist trainer compresses the tummy highly and encourages you to eat less. So if you are on a permanent weight loss mission add this under-bust waist trainer to boost the speed.


  • Its small hook with a metal zipper prevents the waist trainer from falling off.
  • Has Precision stitched support cloth to prevent the skin feel irritation?
  • This waist trainer compresses the tummy and waist and offers higher support.
  • Made of smooth and comfortable fabric.


  • It’s a bit tricky to wear and clips are difficult to clasp.

9. YIANNA Latex Underbust Waist Trainer for Women

YIANNA Short Torso Waist Trainer Corset for Tummy Control

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With a combination of high-end fabric, smooth zipper, double adjustable closure, and flexible bones, this YIANNA Waist Trainer will shape you and look beautiful with a comfortable feeling. Comparing the previous one, this waist trainer comes with a single belt to hug you softly. But it doesn’t mean the waist cincher won’t cover you effectively and fall down.

The belt is wider and has a double compression design to cover the underbust area and make the waist and tummy area slim. It also increases the temperature of the tummy area to sweat moiré and leads you through a permanent skinny figure.


  • This plus-size underbust corset firmly fixes and compresses the waist and tummy.
  • Reduce the waistline up to 5 inches instantly.
  • Has supportive cloth under the hooks to prevent skin irritation.
  • Has an adjustable strap for the most desired fit.


  • Carefully check the size chart to pick the right waist trainer.

10. YIANNA Sweat Sauna Suit for Women

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Last we have YIANNA Sweat Sauna Suit to help define curves.  Its bra may be a little snug and tough to fit for the first couple of use but over time you will be able to zipper it and get better settled and feel comfortable. This waist trainer will also sweat you and it’s a good option for exercise and promotes weight loss. An impressive feature includes an interior pocket to allow you to enjoy music or keep accessories conveniently.

Its zipper closure also works great to keep the waist trainer in place. Overall this body shaper will ensure full coverage to the short torso and normal torso body to get an hourglass shape throughout the day.


  • Reduces and Shapes the Waist.
  • Has Strong Magical Velcro for a tight fit.
  • Design with hook and loop closure for easier use.
  • Ensure full coverage to the short torso body.


  • This waist trainer isn’t suitable for a woman with a large lower abdomen.

Yianna Waist Trainer – How Does It Work?

Yianna waist trainer is designed with an effective compress system that boosts the body heat to slim down the body heat and burn the fat. The increased body heat also causes excess sweating. And as you know extra sweat mobilize the fat, remove toxin and reduce the water weight.

The compression around the waistline also helps practice healthier life causing less appetite which then limits the eating portions.

A few Features and Benefits of Yianna Waist Trainer

High compression design

Yianna waist trainer squeezes the waist in great amounts to create a tight compression around the whole tummy area. But don’t worry, it feels comfortable as well. Yianna waist trainer is designed with extreme care along with stretchy material to feel lightweight and comfortable throughout the day.

 Fits all sizes

Yianna waist trainer comes in huge sizes and shapes, resulting in being suitable for every woman. So whether you are a short or long torso, and require a small or XL size, you will have the right fit from the Yianna size chart. Some Yianna waist trainer is fully adjustable and has three column hook and eye closures for a perfect fit.

Immediate slimming effect

Wearing a waist trainer you will have a 2 to 4 inches slim waistline instantly as it can hide the love handles and muffin tops.

Breathable design

Yianna Waist Trainer has three breathable layers. Its innermost layer is made of soft fabric and spandex material with a cozy blend of cotton. The outer layer is made of lycra and nylon while the middle layer has 100% pure latex.

Maximizes workouts

Though you can wear a Yianna waist trainer while sitting idle, it offers maximum performance during yoga, running, walking, and gyming.

Flexible and durable

Construct with high-end materials, Yianna Waist Trainers are durable and have a long life span. Plus its flexible design brings the original shape, thus it is user-friendly, especially during workouts.

Yianna Waist Trainer Size Guide

Yianna waist trainer is available in huge sizes. You will find an extra small to 6X large size waist trainer even following your body type. To find the right size, measure your waistline properly and match the size from the chart:

sizeWaistline( in inches)
XS23 to 25
S25 to 27
M27 to 29
L29 to 31
XL31 to 33
XXL33 to 35
3XL35 to 37
4XL38 to 40
5XL41 to 42
6XL43 to 44


Yianna Waist Trainer Short Torso- exclusive addition

As Yianna focus on every shape, they especially produce some waist trainer for shorter torsos. Wearing these waist trainers you no longer have to struggle with the length of the standard waist trainer.  The short torso waist trainer will feel like a second skin and won’t cause pinching around the underbust and hips area.

These still have a 3-row hook to adjust the size to get the most comfortable slimming goals. Its inner layer has soft cotton and polyester and the outer has 100% natural latex. To improve the overall body posture, these Yianna waist trainers have elastic spiral steel bones that support the back and shape the waist.

Feature to check when picking the Best Waist Trainer


Months of continuous waist training won’t offer the desired result if you don’t pick the right size. Measure your body including your waistline properly and get the right fit from the size chart to enjoy the best result. But if you are in-between sizes, wear a bigger size instead of a smaller one. The too-tight waist trainer will bring lots of difficulties including breath problems and pain.

Torso Length

All the women don’t have the same length of the torso. Women taller than 5’5″ should choose a long torso waist trainer. Likewise, women up to 5’4″ should pick short torso waist trainers.


You can decide between steel boning and plastic boning. The first one is preferable as offer a sturdier structure and maintains great body posture during workout and other physical activity.

The boning structure also controls the flexibility and the durability of a waist trainer. Again, steel boning has inner padding to avoid skin irritation.


A waist trainer is designed to slim the body with the perfect cinching. Waist trainer with Lace-up closures allows adjusting following the required level of tightness. Hook and eye closures also come with different adjustment levels to ensure the right fit even lowering the size. Pick a waist trainer that has at least 3 rows of hook and eye closures.


Own a waist trainer that feels comfortable rather than feeling breathing difficulties. For wearing all day long or during postpartum recovery, a waist trainer should be flexible and remain convenient under the dress. A waist trainer with an inner lining of cotton is preferable as it absorbs the body’s sweat quickly.


Of the two types, Underbust waist trainers remain under the bust and go down to the top of the hips. In general, Underbust waist trainers don’t offer much coverage. Conversely, Overbust waist trainers can go over the bust and to the top of the hips while giving more coverage.


Mainly waist trainers come from latex as these are firm and stretchable. Latex waist trainers also offer the right amount of compression. But if you are allergic to latex choose latex-free waist trainers.

How to Use a Yianna Waist Trainer

Along with Yianna, the entire waist trainer includes guidelines that you should follow to use the undergarment properly. If you didn’t wear a Yianna waist trainer before, ask for someone to assist. Don’t wear the waist trainer for more than 2 hours for the first couple of days to let the body accept it naturally. Even wearing for long hours in the initial days can cause discomfort and other troubles.

A waist trainer isn’t something that you can wear during bedtime as it fits tightly and cause breathing problem. Keep your waist trainer in a comfortable position, especially during a workout. If you buy a washable waist trainer, dry it properly after washing and do it regularly after use.

How to wash your Yianna waist trainer

Washing a waist trainer requires special care as it has intricate fabrics. Take a tub and fill its half with warm water. Then add some drops of cleanser like shower gel, shampoo, or light detergent. Don’t use hot water as it can discolor or damage the cloth completely. Now, Soft place down your waist trainer into the tub so the whole surface can soak properly and wait for 5 minutes. Scrub your waist trainer carefully using a towel or sponge. Don’t use anything rough or abrasive as it can hard the cloth.

Next, remove the waist trainer from the tub and rinse it carefully. Let the trainer soak in the sink for around 10 minutes only with clean water. Then drain the excess water from the cloth but don’t bend it as doing so can break its inner flexible steel bones. Finally, dry the waist trainer naturally by leaving it outside but not under direct sunlight.


How noticeable is the Yianna waist trainer underclothes?

This waist trainer is quite noticeable with fitting dresses or shirts. And the hooks are also seen clearly. However, you can keep this waist trainer hidden if wear loses fit shirts.

Do you need to exercise with this Yianna waist trainer?

You don’t need to exercise with it. You can just wear this waist trainer under your shirt or top and enjoy the hourglass figure.  Even it’s a breathable one and will feel comfortable.

How many hours you can wear a Yianna waist trainer?

It depends on the comfort level of the user. If you feel comfortable, you can wear this waist trainer for up to 12 hours. But it’s recommended to wear a waist trainer for around 8 hours a day.

Final words

A snatched and curvy waist is a must for a perfect hourglass figure and of course waist trainer is the smart shortcut to achieve it immediately. But when it comes to Yianna waist trainer you can lose excess belly fat, extra weight, and sweat the waist for permanent shape. Hopefully, you find our 10 Yianna waist trainer review enough and find the right body shaper to get your dream figure. In last add this Yianna waist trainer into your proper diet plan and waist training program so you can still enjoy your hourglass shape while wearing off the undergarment.

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