Planning for waist training? But can’t choose between a corset and waist trainer? Don’t worry; we are here with a corset vs waist trainer debating guide to help you pick the right choice.

Undoubtedly, both the corset and waist trainer design have unique purposes and plenty of differences. Learning them in detail will make it a straightforward task to invest in the most appropriate one to reach the goal.

So let’s start with learning what a corset is and waist trainer actually is?

Waist Training Corsets

Corsets are strong cinching undergarments that can reduce the natural waistline dramatically and restructure the soft tissue to make an hourglass figure. Considering the amount of soft tissue on the midsection and body shape, corsets can slim the waist up to 6 inches which is far from a clincher. Some steel-boned corsets can also reshape the body instantly, thanks to their adjustable laces, despite some corsets including plastic bones which consider fashion corsets however cant reshape the body.

Waist trainer

Waist trainers are a kind of shaping undergarments that design with spandex or latex to make all around the abdomen slim and smooth. It can also work on the butt, thigh, back, and arms considering the style. A waist cincher is usually worn to get a slim effect under the cloth and it can slim the waistline two inches. If you have more weight on the tummy, a waist cincher will offer you more of a waistline however won’t offer the hourglass curves that you may get wearing steel boned corset.

Before digging into various features let’s have a quick look at the differences between corset and waist trainer


FeaturesCorsetWaist trainer
materialCotton, Leather, Satin, BrocadeNylon, Latex, Spandex
Average reduced inches3 to 6 inches1 to 2 inches
construction·         Steel Busk in Front

·         Steel and spiral bones

·         Lace at rear

·         Plastic bones

·         Hook and eye closure

pros·         Hourglass Shape

·         Breathable

·         Back Support

·         Tight lacing

·         Lasts a Life

·         perfect working out

·         Less bulky

·         Easy to wear


cons·         More Expensive

·         Time-Consuming to tie


·         Not Breathable

·         Less Sturdy

·         Can’t tighten

·         Less Style Option

·         can cause skin rashes



Corset vs waist trainer: how to fasten and tighten

Waist Training Corset

In general, you can tighten the corsets by fastening the front bus. It is made of two metal pieces that run through the center part of the corset were one with metal pins and the other one with metal loops. You can also cinch the corset by tightening the laces to achieve a modern silhouette or hourglass shape considering the style.

Waist trainer

You can fasten the waist trainer using its hook and eye closures that hold the bra band together. waist trainer includes multiple rows of hooks for more accurate adjustments and an extra layer of fabric to zip over the layer of the base for a smoother look. Some waist trainers also offer extra coverage on the thighs and legs while allowing you to use the restroom comfortably.

Corset vs waist trainer: how are they made?

Waist Training Corset

Steel boned corsets are constructed with strong yet flexible fabric and reinforced with steel boning. It offers the corset a great power to pull the waist and accentuate the curve of the bustline and hips. Corsets are made of a wide range of fabrics including satin, leather, cotton, and mesh.

Waist trainer 

waist cinchers are mainly made of a combination of nylon and spandex or latex. Some waist trainers also have steel or plastic bones. This powerful spandex and latex fabric can flatten and shape the tummy and the back while flexible boning ensures a light cinch.

Corset vs waist trainer: what are the styles?

Waist Training Corset

Corsets remain fit around the midsection and come in mainly overbust and underbust styles. Considering the style you can wear a corset over or under the cloth. Depending on the curve level you can have a variety of styles of corset that suits the different shape of the body. the style of a corset ranges from romantic curves, modern curves, extreme curves, or hourglass curves.

Note: it’s better to wear a later between your skin and the corset to keep the corset in perfect condition and feel comfortable for a longer time.

Waist trainers

Waist trainers are available in lots of colors including fashionable shades and staples black. Waist cinchers also offer a range of different coverage like standard waist trainers, strap cinchers, thong bodysuits, and body briefs to reshape the whole body.

Corset vs waist trainer: how do they change your shape?

Waist Training Corset

Corsets reshape the body instantly as you can tighten and adjust it with the laces ad desired.

Waist trainer

A stretchy waist trainer can slim the waist around two inches while wearing and the body returns to its normal shape after wearing off. Thus you may need to replace the waist trainer quickly if you gain or lose weight as it can only tighten or loosen in a minimal amount.

Corset vs waist trainer: which one is best for permanent results?

If you are serious about waist training, undoubtedly steel bone corset is the way to go. Though a waist cincher can compress the tummy, it doesn’t have the essential construction and ability to adjust the waist effectively. But it doesn’t mean a waist cincher cant help you in waist training. some women get visible results from waist training by wearing a waist cincher.

You can’t sleep wearing a steel-boned corset and some people aren’t allowed to exercise in a corset. And this is the area where the waist cinches in the perfect alternative to the corset.

Corset vs waist trainer: how expensive they are?

Both the corset and waist trainers are available in high-end and low-end choices, but the corset is more expensive. While the price of a waist trainer can go up to $70, you will cost over $100 for a steel bone corset.

Corset vs waist trainer: how easy to wear they are?

Comparing these two, a corset is a bit trickier and more time-consuming to wear while a waist trainer is easy to use. but both of the undergarments take practice.

Corset vs waist trainer: which one is the best?

Both the corset and waist trainer are commended for different purposes. The waist trainer can’t change the shape semi-permanently as the corset does. But you can’t wear a corset at the gym for a permanent waist trainer as wearing the waist trainer.

Corsets can give you a dramatic hourglass shape instantly for the big event or cosplay, but if you want a smooth and moderate silhouette to attract everyone, try a waist trainer.

Though you can wear a corset during daily activities if your body allows, the waist trainer is preferable for its lightweight flexibility and supportive design, making them perfect for those most active days.

In the end, it depends on your preference, goals, and comfort level.


Which body shaper is batter between corset and waist trainer?

Both the undergarments are made of compression materials, but waist trainers may cause a few breathing problems. It produces sweat which is the reason for it. Conversely, the corset is breathable but isn’t much flexible. So if you consider the workout, the waist trainer is still a preferable item.

Is a waist trainer or corset better for weight loss?

The corset can only reduce the waistline instantly after wearing it. But waist trainer is perfect to wear for workouts and produce sweat. Therefore waist trainer is perfect to add to healthy eating and regular exercise for weight loss over the corset.

Can you use a corset as a waist trainer?

Wearing the right waist training corset for your body type regularly you can shape your waist. Though its steel bones can make it hard for waist training, you can wear it with a regular dress or for a special occasion.

Final words

Knowing the right information about corset vs waist trainer is a vital step to picking the right undergarment for body type to enjoy the hourglass figure. Hopefully, now you don’t have any questions or confusion as we compare both the corset and waist trainer in various features to offer you all. Above all, fix your goal and listen to your body and invest in the style that you like most.

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