A mermaid wedding dress brings a stylish and elegant look to enjoy the big day however it needs a supportive undergarment to offer the best result. so wearing the right shapewear underneath the wedding dress can help it fit properly and boost the confidence of the new bridal. But picking the best shapewear for mermaid wedding dress isn’t an easier task as it is subject to some considerable.

Best Shapewear For Mermaid Wedding Dress

Thus we have brings some best shapewear that is compatible with different style’s mermaid wedding dresses and ensures the most stunning look while feeling comfortable and supportive to the body. Despite the guide includes some helpful information on choosing the right shapewear for the mermaid wedding dress and effective tips to wear it properly.


1. SPANX Women’s Oncore Open Bust Bodysuit

Spanx is one of the reputed brands in the women undergarments industries, and this Oncore Open bust bodysuit is best selling item from the brands. This shapewear is a complete confidence booster wearing under any cloth especially a wedding dress.

Wearing with your mermaid wedding, you will have both squeeze-free slim stomachs with total transformation without the restriction of movement. Made of elastane and nylon material, this shapewear is lightweight yet powerful enough to ensure a tabletop flat tummy under a mermaid wedding dress.

Plus the shapewear is designed with edge-bonded side panels for a squeeze-free slimming figure with easier movement. A unique feature includes a leg opening design.

Especially the feature makes this best shapewear for wedding dress invisible under wedding dress to enjoy the big with full confidence. With an open bust design and adjustable strap, the shapewear will let you get the most attractive breast shape with a comfortable fit.


This shapewear is easy to wear and maintain, even suitable for using the restroom wearing it. Besides, this wedding shapewear is available at a decent price with plenty of sizes and two colors.


The straps my straps may dig into the armpit and front of the shoulder area.

2. Yummie Women High Waist Shapewear

If you are planning to wear a form-fitting or low cut back mermaid wedding dress in your upcoming wedding and need extra support under the dress, wear this Yummie Women High Waist Thigh Shaper. 

This shapewear is comfortable and breathable yet provides the required support, thanks to its high-quality fabric. However, if you have a larger thigh, wearing this undergarment with your bodycon dress may show your thigh line.

Conversely, the shapewear is ideal to wear with a mermaid wedding dress and the looser dress that flare at the waist. Mor importantly this shapewear won’t roll down since the undergarment is made of silicone stripe waistband.

With a high waist design, this shapewear will fit right under the bra and offer full coverage to the waistline for a slimming effect while lifting the rear for enhancing appearance. It’s budget-friendly shapewear for a mermaid wedding dress that keeps the body cool and comes in two different colors.


This shapewear is lightweight and suitable to wear with a low-cut back mermaid dress. Plus the shapewear doesn’t roll down while keeping the body cool and feeling comfortable.


The shapewear is a bit hard to wear for the first time and won’t be ideal for a woman with larger thighs.

3. SPANX Women’s Low-Back Bodysuit

If you have enough budget and want to have optimum quality shapewear under your mermaid wedding dress, this SPANX Women’s Low-Back Bodysuit will be the right option for you.

Though this shapewear will perfectly work with a V-cut front and low-cut back wedding dress, it is also suitable to wear with a backless mermaid wedding dress. Once wearing the shapewear, it will remain completely invisible under the wedding dress even without showing any start or end line.

It will feel comfortable throughout the wedding party and keep you in full confidence being supportive under the thew wedding dress.

Design with a plunging neckline, this bridal shapewear will offer a nice smooth look t keep the eyes of the people the whole time. more importantly, this mid-thigh bodysuit will cover all over the waist, and thigh to keep them in good shape without feeling uncomfortable in the midsection.


This wedding bodysuit is compat9ible with most of the stylish mermaid wedding dresses to enhance confidence remaining invisible under the dress. The shapewear also comes in plenty of sizes and two colors


 Its pricy shapewear and the bra cup may be small for some women.

4. Nebility Women Butt Lifter Shapewear

Want to wear something under your mermaid wedding dress to enhance your butt and waist? Try this Nebility Women Tummy Control Body Shaper. Especially this wedding shapewear will help tighten your bottom and lift the buttock to bring the desired curve to look bigger, sexier, and beautiful.

With its tummy control effect, this bridal shapewear will reduce the waistline immediately and ensure a sexy waist with the wedding dress. A unique feature includes tiny breathable holes all over the fabric.

Especially the features make the wedding shapewear extremely breathable to maximize the comfort level. Its abdomen part is also constructed with 3 rows of hook and double layer fabric to ensure higher compression on the tummy for most slimming effects.

Even the shapewear has 4 spiral steel bones on the back for improved back support as well as relieve back pain and improve postures.


This butt lifter wedding shapewear is available at an affordable price with two colors and lots of sizes. Plus the shapewear is easy to use and maintain while ensuring improved support to bring the most desired look during the wedding day.


The shapewear won’t be suitable to use the bathroom comfortably

5. Maidenform Women’s Slip with Built-In Bra

This Maidenform Women’s Shapewear comes with a built-in bra to ensure enhanced shape over the wedding dress. So buying this wedding shapewear you won’t have to invest effort and cost for getting compatible bra to have improved support and greater shape of the girls.

Apart from these, this bridal shapewear is designed with Power mesh lining and elastic-free hem to help you enjoy smooth looking tummy and hips.

A key feature includes multiple strap options including adjustable and convertible. So having this wedding bodysuit you will have an opportunity to wear this shapewear in seven different styles, making the shapewear suitable for plenty of occasions and outfits.

This best wedding shapewear is also made of breathable and lightweight wicking fajas fabric that is moisture-free and keeps the wearer cool and dry.


This bridal shapewear is available at a reasonable price with two colors and a range of sizes to help get the most fitted undergarment. Plus the shapewear is comfortable, moisture and breathable and brings the most slimming effect with a built-in bra.


It may slip down wearing completely strapless and the shapewear is difficult to unhook alone.

Best Shapewear for mermaid Wedding Dress – Buying Guide

Planing for shapewear for a mermaid wedding dress is definitely the right decision. But choosing the compatible shapewear with the mermaid dress isn’t an easier task as you canty choose it randomly. However, checking some features in the shapewear can help you get the most appropriate undergarment for a certain type of wedding dress.

Bridal Bra

The bridal bra should be compatible with the wedding dress, not only in style but also in color. If the shapewear’s bra portion make sure it is suitable to wear with your mermaid wedding dress.

Another thing is to do all the possible things to avoid bra adjusting during the big. In this case, choose the best bra for the wedding dress and practice wearing the bra in advance to prevent such an awkward situation.

Wedding Dress Fabric

Heavy silk and textured fabric will add extra structure. Besides some mermaid wedding dress includes corsets and slippers. Conversely, light material is a bit transparent which may show the smallest detail wearing under the mermaid wedding dress. Keep these all factors before making a final call on the fabric of the wedding shapewear.

Shapewear type

Considering the design of the mermaid wedding dress, you can choose different types of shapewear including bodysuits, body shapers, and strapless. Whatever type of shapewear you choose make sure it goes with the wedding dress and feel good for a longer time.

How to wear shapewear properly

Choosing the best shapewear for your certain body type will make this task much easier. Despite this, it will help get the best result of the shapewear as well as prevent discomfort and health issues. 

So for the best experience, don’t only depend on the dress size. instead, take the right measurement and even you can ask the expert for help. If you want to have full-body shapewear, measure the fullest point of your hips and bust as well as the narrowest part of the waist.

Even if you are in-between sizes, choose bigger size shapewear. Following are some indications of properly fitted shapewear:

  • The shapewear will fit tightly but won’t limit the movement and cause breathing problems.
  • It won’t be difficult for you to get in or tug and adjusting the shapewear
  • It won’t have any excess fabric

The way of wearing the shapewear is also important. Wearing the shapewear in the wrong way can cause roll or rides down. not only that choosing the wrong color can highlight in once wearing under the wedding dress.

Most of the wedding dresses are white, ivory, and design with a shade of white. So it would be the right decision to go for white shapewear to make it invisible under the wedding dress.


Is mermaid wedding dresses out of style?

Mermaid dress brings adaptability, timeless beauty, and natural charm which makes the fabric most acceptable and fashionable among women to enjoy the wedding. So it’s definitely sure that the mermaid wedding won’t be out of style very soon.

What is the mermaid wedding dress?

It’s a form-fitting wedding dress that is designed with a dramatic flare either above or below the knee. Despite it bringing a more flattering look for the woman with curves.

What body type do mermaid dresses look most elegant?

A mermaid wedding dress brings the most stunning look for the woman with an hourglass shape. The woman who has equal width of hips and shoulder and narrow waist will mostly get the elegant look wearing mermaid dress.  Apart from these, a mermaid dress also looks good with a woman who has an inverted triangle body shape.

Final words

Wearing a mermaid wedding dress as a bridal can make the big day more exciting and memorable. But it needs enough support to look good where shapewear plays its role.

Luckily now you have plenty of best shapewear for a mermaid wedding dress that is compatible with different styles of mermaid wedding dress and ensures reliable support. But before deciding finally, know your mermaid dress very well as well as your body shape to enjoy the best result and makes the wedding day more incredible.

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