You may be wondering where does the fat go when corset training? After wearing a corset trainer you have a slim effect immediately which also boosts the curiosity. So what does a corset trainer do with our body? Is it acceptable or harmful?

Following the guide, we will reveal all the required answers based on research. Despite you will learn the effect of corset trainer on the body and the way of getting the right undergarment as well.

where does the fat go when corset training


Where does the fat go when corset training?

In general, a corset is great for reshaping the body. But it doesn’t move the fat to another body part that you lose during training. The buttocks and breasts look bigger as the waistline has shrunk.

Corset press the fat and the waist is made the fat by the tightness of the fabric. Wearing a waist trainer doesn’t lose weight automatically. Whatever process you follow to lose weight must have a caloric deficit. Either you have to burn more calories or lose weight. Another important thing is people who practice waist training gets effective results. The reason is corset makes the user fuller quickly like having an external gastric band.

Does a corset trainer help lose fat?

In short No. but you can lose weight by doing exercise regularly, and maintaining a proper diet. Corset training is ideal for shaping the body properly. Then you may be wondering why people are interested in corset training?

Though there is no reliable proof of the effectiveness of corsets on weight loss, it does something great. The best thing a corset does is push the lower and upper tummy muscle in. doing so corset offers a toned and flat tummy. 

Apart from this, corset training targets the waist and makes it curve and slimmer.  The corset is usually made of tight fabric that also squished the fat around the waist and tummy.  

However, it can cause aches and soreness after removing, as the corset restricts the blood flow and mobility of those targeted areas. You can lower the discomfort of corset training by losing its fit.

Does Corset Training Work?

Truthfully there’s some reason science discourages con corset training. Despite it also involve some question including where does the fat go when corset training? Is it injurious or reduces appetite? Following the section, you will have all these answers

Shortness of Breath

Wearing tight cloth restricts the movement on the yoga and gym. Plus wearing any kind of tight cloth can feel uncomfortable and nauseated. Wearing corset training offers a more flattering look quickly it also reduces the breathing capacity.

Even corset training can limit the movement 100%, you will realize checking a few videos on youtube. If you feel shortness of breathing while wearing a corset it’s the difficulty of breathing.

At this time, you should wear off the coset immediately. Instead, you can wear the corset outside of the workout training and the times like parties, dinner, and other occasional events. Usually wearing for a short time corset trainer doesn’t bring side effects.

Dangerous Loss of Appetite

Waist trainers generally squeeze the internal organs to trim the body mass. You can look curvy and thin from the outside but will restrict your stomach and affects the digestive tract including the liver and kidneys. Even it can cause you to pee frequently. The Corset trainer feels so tight that it may feel you full of the stomach after eating a few bites. This is one of the reasons people get interested in corset trainers.

Fat Redistribution

Many women want to reduce fat in the middle abdomen area which encourages the side handle and muffin top build-up. Corset trainers also flatten and shape the midsection.

A large fat on the midsection can cause a move up or down the undergarment. This is a great way to cover up the bulging wearing a combination of high waist jeans and a corset. It effectively hides the bulge of the tummy and offers a curvier and slimmer appearance.

Some corset trainer lets you decide the fat to move which depend on the shape and style of the corset and the type of body. However, you will find plenty of type corset trainers for the same reason.

Even you can choose between an underbust and an overbust corset while the first one will help accentuate the small breasts. It can push the fat upwards to offer extra volume to the breast shape.

Conversely, an overbust corset comes in longer and offers padding in the bust all through the waist. It also helps compress the tummy and the bust and offers a slim shape of the large breast.

Another type is longline corset which can accentuate the hips. It usually pushes the fat down to ensure extra volume to the buttocks and hips. But the fact is all the corsets don’t redistribute body fat. It mostly depends on the spring system and the fabric used to make the corset. This also allows adjusting the corset’s spring for the circumference of the tummy and waist.

Lastly, you can let the corset hug your body shape without squishing the skin or pushing the excess fat up or down. it will only give a flattering body shape with perfect compression.

How to Find the Right Corset Size?

Considering the feeling you won’t get the best corset trainer. Despite you have to measure your body size for getting the right fit and style of the corset trainer. Corsets come in a different size than normal clothing, so you can’t depend on the manufacturer’s size chart. Following are the list of the area where you need to measure that can be taken by yourself or the aid of someone.

If you need a tight corset, deduct 2 or 3 inches from the original size. Even you can reduce the upper hip and waist size as well. But don’t customize with the torso and underbust measurement. Despite you can deduct a few inches from the overbust corset, to reduce breast volume.


Wrap your measurement tape around the line to the end of the bra, under the bust, keeping the tape parallel to the ground. But don’t tighten the tape while taking the measurement.

Natural Waist

Now wrap the measuring tape around the line from where you are able to bend sideways. The line remains usually around the side handles. Still, if you are unable to measure, hold the tape around the midsection specifically one inch above the belly button.

Upper Hip

To measure the upper hip, wrap the tape just over the hip bone. Gets a standard corset considering this size while you avoid pulling or tugging during your sit-down.


The torso is the distance between the breasts to upper thigh. But don’t measure this at standing position. Firstly sit straight in a chair and then drag a tape between the upper thigh and breast on the right side and take a measurement.


Does waist training reallocate fat?

According to some celebrities, waist training doesn’t reduce belly fat, lose weight or offer some similar result. It only does is squeeze the torso to offer a temporary and immediately slim figure.

What does a corset do to fat?

The corset is usually designed with robust construction to slim the waistline immediately. And the way it offers a slim figure is squishing the fat.

Does corset reduce tummy?

Corset brings the advantage of shaping effect and creates a desirable hourglass figure. It also smoothens and shapes the tummy and boosts the bust. The main reason for wearing shapewear or corset is to boost confidence level to feel great at the favorite dress.

Final words

Wearing a corset trainer usually offers a long-term effect on the body shape. It also helps get the desired slim shape. However, wearing extensively or the smaller size for the large body can cause adverse effects.

But occasionally wearing a waister is safe and effective for health. Most importantly using a corset trainer with regular exercise and a proper diet can boost its performance. Apart from these hopefully you know you know where does the fat goes when corset training.

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