A waist trainer is a smart way to achieve an hourglass curve but you can’t shop for a waist trainer as purchase normal cloth. You must know how to measure for a waist trainer so can get the accurate measurement for the right fit waist trainer. Despite choosing the right style waist trainer is vary depending on the body shape.

Thus knowing the body shape is also important. In this research, we have covered all the accurate information to help you get the right waist trainer to enhance your curve and enjoy the desired figure whenever you want.

How To Measure For a Waist Trainer


How to measure for a waist trainer.

Learning how to measure your waist is beneficial so that you can get an accurate size waist trainer when you’re doing your shopping online. You will also find it handy when you can’t try the physical product on.

You can get a curb delicious waist trainer easily from Amazon. But you should know that what works for one person is most likely not going to work for another person.

Even if they look like they’re the same size. You know, their body shapes may be completely different. And that’s what matters with waist trainers. For waist trainers, many women think that they can guess their size. They believe they usually wear a size medium shirt, so a medium waist trainer will work. But it really doesn’t work like that. So misconception is all around.

And that’s what causes you know, causes you money if you can’t return the waist trainer, or just a waste of time if you have to wait to return the waist trainer and then reorder another one. It’s better to just know to get the right size the first time.

Guide to measuring yourself for a waist trainer
I just stress the importance of measuring yourself before making those purchases online because they do take more time to return and get a new one and all that so I don’t want to hassle you don’t want to waste your own time.

So you take your measuring tape, this is an interest rate here and you will go you look for your ribs. And then you’re going to go right underneath your ribs and then this is going to be the smallest part of your waist.

Then take the measuring tape from behind you and measure it. Take a deep breath in and then measure and wherever it clasps that’s your size. if you want to measure a waist is here, hips, and the biggest part of your butt. You only need to measure your waist. If you do need to measure hips you just look for the biggest part of your hips and you wrap it around.

A latex waist trainer size chart
Waist trainer size Waist trainer (inches)
XS 23 to 25
S 25.5 to 27
M 27.5 to 29
L 29.5 to 31
XL 31.5 to 33
2XL 33.5 to 35
3XL 35.5 to 37

Next? Focus on your waist trainer.

After measuring your waist correctly, the next task is to find the right waist trainer for your waist. Following your body shape, you should pick a waist trainer that squeezes your waist to emphasize curves.

If you have a straighter body, should look for a more defined curve to get the required hourglass figure. But if you are quite curvy, you don’t need such a definition. All above, you should try a waist trainer that won’t hurt you while ensuring a fit and flatter body.
Hopefully, you got your body measurement and consider your body type. But if not and you are confused about how your shape fits on other body types and how to determine the right waist trainer, read below:

Rectangular Body Shape

If your hips and shoulders have the same width and don’t have curves along the torso, you should try full body shapewear. It will greatly lift your chest, sucking your midsection and accentuating the bust and hips area.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

If your hips are slimmer than the shoulder, you have a triangle-shaped body. For this body shape, wear an undergarment that can slim your hip area while enhancing the curves. I am talking about waist cinchers.

Pear Body Shape

Unlike the previous type, if your shoulder is slimmer than the widest part of the hips then you have a pear shape body. Therefore you should try a full-fledged waist trainer
Hourglass body shape
If your body shapes match these features, then you have an hourglass body shape:
• The waist is narrower than the bust and the shoulder
• The waist is much narrower than the hips
• Hips and shoulder are with 5% of each other

Let’s learn about your hips?

For best performance, you should focus on the waist trainer and the way it hugs your hips. A shorter waist trainer doesn’t cover below the hips and it’s the best waist trainer for a woman with an hourglass shape. But if you want to enhance or add your curves you should try a waist trainer that covers lower the hip area comfortably.

Some handy tips to remember while measuring for a waist trainer:
• Measure at least three times and write down the average result for the most accurate size of the waist trainer. The reason is you may get a different result every time measure your waist.• While shopping for a waist trainer, consider your natural waist size in inches rather than dropping down the size.• Different waist trainer brands may offer different size guides. So it’s better to follow your personal waist measurement to ensure the most accurate fit.• If your body is an in-between size, choose a larger size waist trainer.Final words

By now you know how to measure for a waist trainer accurately to curve the body into the desired figure. But you may pick the wrong waist trainer if you fail to determine your body type properly. Therefore focusing on the body type is equally important along with measuring the waist accurately. Lastly, after receiving the waist trainer, don’t force your body to wear it. The best practice will be taking time, hearing the body, and making the waist trainer habit slowly.



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