A muffin top is a roll of fat that remains visible over the dress and irritates the woman. So if you are struggling most and want to get rid of a muffin top you can try shapewear to handle the difficulties in a comfortable way. But choosing the best shapewear for muffin tops can be an overwhelming task all the undergarments aren’t effective for muffin tops out there.

Thus we come out with some best shapewear that is effective for the muffin top as well as comfortable to wear and enhance natural curve and body shape. Plus the guide includes some buying tips and helpful tips to keep away from the muffin tops.

best shapewear for muffin top
best shapewear for muffin top


1.Maidenform Women’s Minimizing Hi-Waist Boyshort

While researching we found this Maidenform Women’s Hi-Waist Shapewear is the best shapewear for a muffin top. Comes in a high waist design this shapewear is made of nylon and cotton material.

So wearing this shapewear the wearer will not only feel comfortable throughout the day but can hide the muffin top to highlight the slim tummy. These best shapers for muffin tops are also effective to make a sleek line from the waist through the upper thing to keep the muffin top secret and make the tummy slimmer.

Another impressive feature includes this shapewear is made of moisture-wicking material. So wearing this undergarment you will remain cool and dry without compromising the temperature and wearing seasons.

It also has a cloth lining made of cotton to feel comfortable in the midsection. Wearing this shapewear the wearer will have a smooth tummy and backside to enjoy the most attractive look throughout the day.


This shapewear is easy to wear and maintains while allow to wash in hand. Besides, it is available at a decent price with two different colors and a large size chart for the most desired sizes.


The shapewear won’t is suitable to wear during the night as it holds firmly.

2.Maidenform Flexees Women’s Hi-Waist Thong

This Fat-Free Hi-Waist Thong is another deal-breaker item from the famous Maidenform brand. Wearing the high waist shorts, you will not only get the control over muffin top but also on the whole tummy.

This shapewear exclusively designs with an extra-wide shaping band to offer full coverage on the tummy and trim the waist to effectively hide the muffin top. Other impressive features include a 2-ply mesh liner and a wide silicone waistband. Combine these features; this shapewear will stay in place all the time while offering a great shape at the midsection.

Made of quality fabric this high waist shapewear is lightweight and breathable enough that it won’t limit your movement while keeping you dry and cool, thanks to its moisture-wicking ability. This cheaper shapewear is vailable in plenty of colors with a huge size chart to help you pick the most fitted one.


The shapewear is made of soft fabric and allows washing in hand for easier maintenance. Besides slim the tummy as well as muffin top to offer an all-around hourglass figure.


The shapewear may just be a bit in the inner thigh and the crotch area wearing for a long time.

3.ShaperQueen Women’s Waist Cincher Shapewear

Looking for shapewear that not only handles the muffin top but also repairs the back with improved support? Try this ShaperQueen waist cincher. Comes with a high waist design this tummy control shapewear reduces the waistline and creates a slim feminine silhouette. Despite the shapewear also help reduce back pain and offers better support at the midsection. A key feature includes ani slip bones.

Thus the undergarment won’t slip or roll off while you are busy with daily activity. More importantly, this waist trainer for muffin top will remain seamless under the dress and let you enjoy any occasion as compatible with slim-cut jeans, fitting tops, and shorts. Lastly, the girdle is a reliable option among new moms for postpartum and post-pregnancy recovery while made of comfortable and breathable fabric.


It’s lightweight shapewear that is antibacterial and doesn’t slip and roll down. Plus the shapewear is multi-functional and remains invisible under dress while handling the muffin top and offers a curve shape.


It is recommended to buy a size up who have a thicker midsection

4.Spanx Higher Power Panties for muffin top

Nex we have another best shapewear for muffin top from world-class brand spandex. Especially these higher power panties are one of the best selling items prob the brand that offers all-around tummy support including tummy fat, love handle, and muffin top.

Design with a stay-put waistband this shapewear will stay in place without slipping even after hours of use. With a high-waisted design, this shapewear targets the whole tummy and offers more coverage to hide the muffin top as well as slim the waistline.

These undergarments to hide the muffin top also remain seamless under the dress while hugging the skin snugly. However, the user shouldn’t wear control top pantyhose with this high waist shapewear as it can cause extra lines.

Despite the shapewear doesn’t have hooks at the crotch so it won’t be comfortable for bathroom breaks. Otherwise, the share is made of quality material and especially alow to wash in the machine for easier maintenance.


This Spanx for muffin top is ideal for both regular and plus size women while offering more coverage at tummy and hide muffin top and love handle. Plus the waist cincher is breathable and remains invisible in place throughout the day.


The shapewear may not be allowed to use the bathroom comfortably.

5.Squeem Women’s Strapless Waist Cincher

Want to have improved posture with amazing back support while hiding the muffin top? look no further than this Squeem – Perfectly Curvy Strapless Waist Cincher.

Squeen is one of the most reliable brands in the woman’s fabric industry for its outstanding undergarments. This addition is also known as perfectly curve as the shapewear enhances the natural curve comfortably and helps feel sexy through the day.

With a combination of flexible bones and a unique design, this waist cincher moderately lifts the breast and ensures incredible back support. Lastly, the shapewear is made of rubber and cotton material that adapts every sensual shape and offers all over the slimmer body.


This best shapewear for muffin top and back fat is available at a reasonable price with two different colors and several sizes. Besides the shapewear remain invisible underdress and is suitable for improving posture and postpartum recovery.


The shapewear won’t a suitable option for a woman with a short torso. And it may smell a bit of rubber odor.

The Best Shapewear for Muffin Top- buying guide

All the shapewear out there arent effective for muffin tops and choosing the wrong one will be disappointing. So focusing on some key factors, the sufferer can get the most suitable one to recover from such a problem.


Choosing an undergarment that fits snugly and offer a comfortable season is the key requirement. Apart from these, pick the shapewear that is compatible with any formal, casual, and regular dress so you can get the desired shape all the time.


The overall satisfying experience depends on the material that the shapewear is made of. Search for the shapewear that is made of sturdy, elastic, and breathable material like spandex.

This type of material will ensure the firm tummy control remaining cozy with the skin. Plus the material should be heavyweight as it can put extra pressure on your body.

Ease of use

Despite being easy to wear and put off the best shapewear should be supportive even in emergency time. So opt for shapewear that constructs user-friendly designs like adjustable straps, front hook and eye closure, and most importantly open crotch design.it will offer you the most perfect and comfortable fit with ease of use as well as allow you to use the restroom easily.


When looking for an undergarment to deal with muffin top make sure it is extra supportive. The shapewear should offer greater tummy support as well as extra firm support at the corner to handle the muffin top and other tummy issues.

Stay in place

Don’t go for the shapewear that limits your movement and regular activity. Find the shapewear that has a user-friendly design to snugly hug the body and stay in place all the time. This will let you enjoy all your daily activities while enjoying a slim and hourglass body shape.

Seamless design

Shapewear that is noticeable over the dress can put you in the initial situation. So if you want to enjoy the slim figure confidently with enjoying outdoor activities and parties, chose the shapewear that remains completely invisible underdress.

How to solve muffin top

Avoid unhealthy food

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle means keeping away from unhealthy food. This includes instant noodles, fast food, and anything that is packed readily. Instead consume real food to get rid of muffin top and live a healthy life.

Another vital thing is to lessen the intake of carbohydrates and completely avoid alcoholic beverages.  Though intaking a small amount of alcohol is considerable but consuming it all the time can cause serious harm to the body.

Eat green

Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals and offer all the required nutrients to keep away from muffin tops. Besides these have a huge amount of fiber content that improves digestion and ensures a healthy and slim figure.

Intake more protein

Protein is another key nutrient that builds lean muscle and burns fat rapidly, resulting in reducing the change of growing muffin top. Protein also optimizes metabolism for having a healthy life. But all the protein sources aren’t effective for getting rid of muffin tops. So, includes chicken breast, beef, and eggs into your food list.

Manage stress level

Generally, stress contributes encourage weight gain and muffin tops. it also causer hormones to go nuts. But luckily stress is manageable by doing some effective practice in daily life. For example, you can manage stress by meditation, going to the gym, watching movies, and playing games. Taking a magnesium supplement is another recommended way to counter stress and keep away from the muffin top.


1. What is the best shapewear for muffin tops?

Considering the quality and functionality, Maidenform Women’s Minimizing Hi-Waist Boyshort is the best shapewear for a muffin top. It comes from breathable fabric and is made of a high waist design that hides the muffin top effectively.

2. Does shapewear hide muffin top?

Shapewear is beneficial in huge ways and hiding muffin top is one of them. Not only that, wearing the right shapewear offer flattering body curves and slim the tummy. It also offers a butt of lift and enhances overall body shape.

3. What can I use to hide my muffin top?

There is plenty of effective ways to handle muffin tops. Firstly you keep away from wearing a clingy top. Instead, you should wear structural fabric and tops that highlight the bust. Plus you can wear high-waisted jeans and make a layer with camisole over the waist. Another effective way is to wear longer tops with low-rise jeans.

Final words

The best shapewear for a muffin top is a game-changer that allows you to enjoy a slim and sexy figure and enjoy outdoor parties and activities confidently.

The shapewear we have reviewed above is capable enough to hide your muffin top while feeling comfortable and breathable and exclusively remain invisible.  

So whatever you will choose will get the effective result however make the final call based on your body shape, and size to enjoy the quality result. Finally, all the brands offer supportive customer service and freely ship the products.

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