Honeylove shapewear: the 21st-century’s answer to the girdle. Our passion for smoothing and shaping away our flaws has become a billion-dollar industry. But do you get some of the current choices lacking? Honeylove Sculptwear or Honeylove shapewear Review for you.

Honeylove Sculptwear a

For some years, I wore Spanx almost every day. They pinched. They constricted. Also, They rolled down. Over time, I appreciated they just weren’t worth it.


Honeylove Sculptwear Review The next generation of shapewear

I could buy bigger pants. That seemed easier. And more restful.

But from time to time, every woman can use a little bit of help. Newly, I decided to give up my extremely disappointing Spanx and try the Kickstarter-approved Honeylove Sculptwear.

honeylove sculptwear

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The founder of Honeylove chooses that traditional shapewear was broken. Instead of enhancing the curves of women’s bodies, they flatten and squeeze.

Thus she created sculptwear, which emphasizes “what you want to be emphasized and softly redistributing areas you want to minimize.”

You can see from the photo that these “sculptwear” look different than your Spanx or other shapewear. But how do they put on?

I wore my Honeylove shapewear to an all-day outdoor occasion yesterday. And to add a degree of complexity,

I decided to wear an almost-two-sizes-too-small dress. Since if you’re going to test-run a pair of sculptwear, you should take the test as difficult as possible.


When I removed the sculptwear from the box, it felt changed. The material was thick.

The seams and edges were well sewn and felt sturdy. And the sides of the tummy panel had boning in them to provide the top structure and prevent rolling.

Unlike other shapewear, they didn’t sense like souped-up underwear. They felt stronger, tougher.


The Honeylove sculptwear  Review does a noticeably better job of shaping than the traditional Spanx short. They lift the tush. Slim the thighs. And highlight the waist.

I didn’t observe much difference in the tummy department. More of smoothing than a flattening.

The effect isn’t extreme, but it is obvious, verging on impressive. Especially if you resist with your rear end, the Honeylove does a great job of making everything in your rearview seem better. You feel shaped as opposed to squished.


With one exception, Honey loves are very relaxing. That exception is the plastic boning in the waistline that remains the sculptwear from rolling down.

The boning is very helpful. There was no slipping, rolling or shifting, even after hour seven.

This is a HUGE development over other shapewear. But it comes at a price.

About hour five, the boning began to attempt me in the ribcage. When not wearing the dress, I could feel the boning, but it didn’t hurt. therefore I’m guessing that the problem was exacerbated by the too-small dress, but I won’t recognize until I try it with a dress that fits.


Certainly, Honeylove sculptwear looks better than Spanx. But I wouldn’t go as far as to speak that they look like lingerie (though the brand does).

I will say that they seem less like a flesh-colored body condom, which makes them less embarrassing to be seen in.

The sculptwear bears from one critical flaw: using the bathroom in them is hard.

The boning in the waist makes taking them off a challenge. So every trip to the restroom mostly requires getting dressed all over again. It’s less than ideal.


The cost tag alone would put me off of the product, excluding that they feel like they’re built to last forever.

The delivery also includes a mesh washing bag to protect your buy from the spin cycle.


I love this shapewear They’re well made, look great, and deliver what they promise. You feel reshaped in the best probable way.

They’re not perfect; no shapewear ever will be. But I’m very happy with my get and would recommend them.

Like always the products on Saw It on Social were purchased with my own money. No gifts are solicited or allowed, and no money changes hands.

The question being answered is whether or not the products you notice advertised on social media value the money, and how can you answer that question if you’re spending someone else’s money?

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